Two pre-roll joints on an ashtray

Modern smokers are always looking for convenience and efficiency, which is why smoking cones have become so popular. Cones offer all the benefits of smoking a joint with a practical shape that makes them easier to pack and roll. They are often the preferred method for dispensaries selling pre rolls because they result in a smooth, even burn every time.

Two pre-roll joints on an ashtray

What are Cones?

A cannabis cone is a joint engineered to offer a more straightforward way to roll up. Cones have a small base anchored by a filter and a wider tip, allowing smokers to quickly load it with a bud (hence the name cone). The joint filter prevents bits of herb from getting into your mouth when you smoke, while the wide tip allows you to easily fill it with your strain of choice and spark up when you're ready or twist it off to save for later. Cones are a popular trend among regular consumers because they are extremely practical and easy for anyone to enjoy, even if you don't have high-level rolling skills.

What is the Benefit of Smoking Cones?

People are smoking cones because they offer numerous advantages over other methods of consuming cannabis. Anyone who smokes regularly or wants to save time and energy when it comes to rolling up should consider cannabis cones. Here are some of the primary advantages.

Easier to Roll

One of the main benefits of smoking cones is how easy they make the rolling process. Cones come with a pre-made structure that removes most of the difficulty of rolling a joint. The hardest part of rolling is mastering the motion of twisting the bud into a perfect cylinder and getting one end of the paper to fold into the other - it's a complex technique that often takes time to learn. Cones allow you to avoid that tricky step, pack your bud into a perfectly constructed funnel, and then spark up when you’re ready. 

Smoother Burn

Cones provide a smoother burn compared to rolling up from scratch. Unless you're an experienced roller, it's easy for the bud to be distributed unevenly, causing air pockets that lead to an unpleasant smoking experience. These air pockets can cause the bud to burn unevenly and lead to canoeing, which may ruin the joint. Cones make it easier to pack the bud evenly, resulting in a smooth, even burn.

Great for Beginners

Cones make smoking joints more accessible for everyone, even beginners. Many first-time smokers and those without experience may feel intimidated by attempting to roll a joint on their own. It's a challenging process that requires practice, and you can easily waste bud or quickly run through rolling papers if you don't know what you’re doing.

In contrast, smoking cones is something almost anyone can handle — even a complete beginner. The hard part is already done for you, so all you need to do is pack the cone then twist off the end, and you have a perfectly crafted joint ready to smoke. This is why many dispensaries prefer cones to offer customers a simple way to enjoy their best strains.

Multiple Sizes Available

You'll find cones available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Whether you're looking for a slim and compact package you can take on the go or want to smoke an entire eighth in one sitting, you can find a cone to accommodate your preferences. You can even order custom cones with your logo or other design printed on them to help market your brand or enjoy a unique smoking experience. When it comes to smoking cones, the possibilities are endless, which is why they are all the rage among smokers today.

Person lighting a pre-roll joint

Where to Find the Best Cones

Now that you understand the benefits of pre roll cones, you may wonder where to find them. If you’re wanting to use them yourself, most dispensaries use cones to roll their pre rolled joints and often offer them for sale for customers who prefer to roll up themselves. So if you're interested in smoking cones, head to your local dispensary or smoke shop to see if they sell premium cones.

If you're a cannabis brand looking to offer your customers a better smoking experience, we have pre roll cones in bulk. We offer a wide range of options, fast turnaround times, and factory direct prices. We also sell custom pre roll cones to help you differentiate yourself from the competition and better market your brand. Shop with the Cones Factory today for quality pre roll cones and more.

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