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Pre rolls are all the rage in the cannabis industry today. If you are a brand looking to reach new customers and offer a convenient product that demonstrates the quality of your favorite strain, you must be selling pre rolls. If you're new to the industry, or have never dabbled in pre rolls, you’ll need to know where to buy pre rolled cones. So to help you navigate the process, here are a few tips.

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Determine Your Needs

Before looking for pre roll sellers, you should determine what you need. Not all pre rolls are made equal, and before you can determine where to buy pre rolled cones, you should find out what types of pre rolls your customers might want. Pre rolls come in many different shapes and varieties. You may be more inclined to offer hemp pre rolls, or maybe you'd prefer blunt wraps. You should also think about the length and diameter that makes the most sense as well. You may decide to offer an assortment of different sizes and varieties and see what sells the best. But before figuring out where to buy raw pre rolled cones, you should determine your needs.

Do Your Research

Next, you should do some research. You can often learn where to buy pre rolls by doing a quick google search or asking experts in the industry. If you're new to the business or this is a new product you're considering offering your customers, it may be wise to do some preliminary research on pre rolls and find out why they're so popular. 

Pre rolls make the smoking experience so much more convenient for customers, especially those who don't have the skills to roll for themselves. But that means they are relying on you to choose the best paper, packaging, and bud to make the experience everything it's supposed to be. If you are an industry veteran, you may already have a handle on this. But if you're a bit newer to the game, you may want to spend some time understanding the process of crafting the perfect joint, then spend time researching where to buy raw pre rolled cones that your customers will love.

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Compare Prices

Once you've done the research and have a few options in mind, you should begin to compare prices. Many brands make the mistake of going with the first supplier they come across, but if you look a bit harder, you may find a supplier willing to offer you the same quality product at a lower price. Some of the best suppliers even offer a price match guarantee, so if you can find a cheaper option, they will match it. Although it may seem minor, even a few cents per cone can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in the long run, especially if you do a high volume of sales. So, in addition to figuring out where to buy raw pre roll cones, you should also set a budget for yourself and find the company that can supply you with the quality products you need at a price point that makes sense.

Ask for Recommendations

It never hurts to ask for recommendations if you are still struggling to find a supplier on your own. Perhaps there is another brand you do business with that currently sells pre rolls. You could contact them and find out where they purchased their pre roll cones. Or if you have an existing supplier you go to for a different aspect of your business, you might ask them if they know where to buy raw pre rolled cones. Word of mouth is often the best form of advertising, and pre rolls are no different.

Read the Reviews

Finally, once you've narrowed it down to one or a handful of options, do some more digging to make sure they are the right supplier for the job. A good start is reading reviews or testimonials from past customers on their website. Also, check Google, Facebook and Yelp or other similar review sights to see if they have any activity. Figuring out where to buy pre roll cones is no different than sourcing any other product, so it's always helpful to find out what past clients have said.

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