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Pre rolls offer the potency and convenience of smoking a joint without having to learn how to roll on your own. Even a total beginner can learn how to smoke a pre roll and enjoy the benefits without wasting bud attempting to roll up yourself.

Smoking a pre roll is no more difficult than lighting up a cigarette or cigar, however, it can be intimidating at first if you aren't familiar with the process. So, to help you feel more comfortable here is a guide to learning how to smoke a pre roll joint for first-timers. 

Take it Out of the Container

The first step is to take it out of the container. Typically pre rolls will come packaged in a glass tube or other similar packaging to maintain the structure and potency of the herb. So, take your pre roll out of the packaging and inspect it carefully to ensure it isn’t damaged in any way.

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Pack Up and Light Up

Pre rolls are available both pre-filled and empty; if your pre rolls are empty, you’ll need to fill them with bud before you can smoke them. Lighting the joint is one of the most crucial aspects of learning how to smoke a pre roll. Although it isn't a difficult step, you must practice caution to avoid hurting yourself or ruining the joint. Make sure you position the lighter in the center so the joint burns evenly and you don't favor one side over the other. Doing so can cause canoeing, which can lead to bud being wasted or the pre roll burning too quickly. Exercising caution when lighting is a big part of learning how to smoke a pre roll joint.

Put the Filter in Your Mouth

Next, you'll want to take the joint and put the filter in your mouth. If you want to know how to properly smoke a pre roll, it helps to identify the different components. The filter refers to the cardboard tip at the end of the pre roll where you put your mouth. The filter maintains the structural integrity of the pre roll and prevents the paper from getting too wet with saliva. It also prevents bits of herb from getting into your mouth when you smoke. So, you'll want to put your lips on the filter, not the opposite end where the paper is twisted into a spiral. 

Inhale Slowly 

Proper inhaling is another crucial aspect of learning how to smoke a pre roll that may take time to master. Once the joint is properly lit, you'll want to begin inhaling slowly. If it's your first time, you'll want to take small breaths and hold in the smoke for about 10 to 15 seconds at a time to feel the full effects of the THC. It's better to take your time and inhale full deep breaths than speed up and take too many fast, shallow breaths. Doing so will only waste bud and leave you feeling dissatisfied with the experience. You may even want to share the preroll with friends and establish a circle so you have a bit of time in between hits.

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Smoking Tips

Smoking a joint is a delicate art and can take several tries to fully grasp. Like any talent, with time and patience, it gets easier. Here are a few tips for learning how to smoke a pre roll joint that will make the process smooth and straightforward.

Don't Inhale When Lighting

Try not to inhale when you're lighting the pre roll. Doing so is best to let it hang off your lip or even light it in front of you and then place it in your mouth once it's burning. Doing so gives you more control over the process and will prevent the pre roll from burning at a strange angle. 

Rotate the Joint to Get an Even Burn

It's also a good practice to rotate the pre roll slightly to ensure you get an even burn. If you notice one side burning much faster than the others, you'll want to turn the pre roll so that the side that's burning more slowly is on top and try holding the lighter to it so that it catches up with the bottom. Otherwise, the other end will burn too quickly and potentially ruin the joint. Mastering this technique is one of the most challenging aspects of learning how to smoke a pre roll joint but the more you practice, the simpler it gets.

Know Your Limits 

Finally, when it comes to smoking anything, it's important to know your limits. If it's your first time smoking a pre roll, you may not want to go through the entire thing in one sitting - especially if you're smoking alone. You can always put it out and return to it later when you're ready. All it takes is one bad experience where you get too high to turn you off altogether. So, even if you know how to smoke a pre roll, enjoy it responsibly, and don't be afraid to slow down if it's too much for you. When you’re ready to buy, shop The Cones Factory for high-quality pre rolls that will provide you with the best smoking experience you could ask for. Reach out if you have any questions!

How to smoke a pre roll

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