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With the rapid growth of the cannabis industry, smart brands are always searching for ways to offer their customers new and exciting products. Cannabis-infused pre rolls are one of the industry's most innovative and popular items today. 

But many consumers are still in the dark about the meaning of infusion and how much weed is in a pre roll. So, here is a definitive guide to cannabis infusion and how to smoke a hemp pre roll.

What is a Cannabis Infused Pre Roll?

Most smokers are familiar with the concept of a cannabis pre roll. It's simply a joint that comes already rolled before purchase so you can save time and enjoy a smooth, consistent burn.

Infused pre rolls are the same, but with a little extra. The infusion takes the smoking experience to the next level by adding concentrates. These additives could be hash, wax, resin, kief, or anything else that may increase the potency and enhance the effects of cannabis. 

How Much Weed is in a Pre Roll?

How much weed is in an infused pre roll depends on the brand selling them and your personal preference. However, the infusion process is meant to intensify the strain's effects and provide a more potent, more enjoyable high.

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What are the Benefits of Infused Pre Rolls?

Infused pre rolls came about as a way for brands to offer their customers new and exciting ways to enjoy their favorite strains. At a certain point, there are only so many different ways to market a standard hemp pre roll. To combat this, brands started getting creative and mixing different strains or including additives that would offer a unique experience.

Infused pre rolls provide many benefits that make them attractive to consumers. The added concentrates tend to be high in THC and terpenes, which results in an added potency. Infusion also allows brands to control how much weed is in a pre roll without diminishing the power. So a 1g infused pre roll may be just as powerful as a standard 2g pre roll containing flower.

Creative Possibilities for Cannabis Companies

Infusion also allows cannabis companies to get creative with the products they offer customers. In addition to using custom blunt wrap papers, they may sprinkle a bit of kief on the bud to give the pre roll more power. They can even go as far as soaking the bud in hash oil and adding different strains to achieve the ideal high. As a result, many users claim that infused pre rolls provide a more euphoric high that enhances creativity and focus. 

Ultimately, the effects depend on how much weed is in the pre roll and what types of concentrates are added. Infused pre rolls allow cannabis brands to get more experimental and take a scientific approach to craft the perfect joint, which can result in some innovative products.

How to Smoke a Hemp Pre Roll

Although the benefits of cannabis infusion are fairly obvious, many users also want to know how to smoke a hemp pre roll. While the terminology may be intimidating for some beginners, smoking an infused pre roll is quite simple. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to smoke a hemp pre roll.

  1. Find the Perfect Strain: Finding the right strain is crucial before you light up. Infused cannabis can get very potent, and if you are a beginner, this is a factor that can impact how much weed you want in the pre roll. You may not want to go with the strongest strain, but it's up to you to decide what you're comfortable with. It may help to research the various concentrates and find an infused blend that offers your ideal effect.
  2. Light the Broader End: Once you've found the perfect hemp pre roll and made a purchase, you'll want to hold the joint in front of you and light the broader end. It often helps the pre roll burn more evenly if you light it before putting it in your mouth.
  3. Put the Filter in Your Mouth: You'll want to hold it by the filter and place the pre roll on your lips. The filter is the small cardboard cylinder on the opposite end that prevents bud and ash from entering your mouth.
  4. Inhale and Hold in the Smoke: Once the joint is lit and you have a firm grip, you'll want to inhale and hold in the smoke for about 3-4 seconds. Then gently exhale and continue this process until you feel satisfied.
  5. Enjoy the Effects: Once you've learned how to smoke a hemp pre roll, all that is left is to enjoy the effects. The potency of the high and the exact feelings you'll experience will depend on the strain and how much weed is in the pre roll. But if you follow the above steps, you should experience a euphoric sensation that will last several hours.

Infused pre rolls are a great way to elevate the smoking experience and allow brands to get creative with their product offerings. Find all the tools you need to offer the best-infused pre rolls by shopping with The Cones Factory, including custom cones, filling machines, filter tips, and more.

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