Older couple enjoying the best pre roll joint

Dispensary owners are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. One question that often comes up is whether pre roll cones vs. joints are better to carry. One is more traditional and what many people may be used to, but cones are quickly becoming a popular option. This article will discuss the pros and cons of cones vs. joints and help dispensary owners decide which is best for their inventory.

Pros of Pre Roll Joints

Older couple enjoying the best pre roll joint


Joints have been the quintessential go-to option for many enthusiasts throughout the years. As time has progressed, the best pre roll joint options have become more and more popular for customers who don't want to take the time to roll it themselves.

One of the benefits of carrying the best pre roll joints is that you'll get a ton of customers who just prefer the traditional way of doing things. The nostalgia of a joint is sometimes preferred over a newer version of the classic, and many customers will pay to have the shape they want rolled for them.

Another pro is that pre rolled joint tubes often have a better chance of smoking evenly compared to pre roll cones. This makes it easier for your customers to manage their experience and not have to constantly perform maintenance while smoking.

Pros of Pre Roll Cones

Pre roll joint being held

Pre roll cones are a newer variation of the traditional joint and offer many benefits for both customers and dispensary owners. One of the main benefits of cones in the cones vs joints debate is that cones can have more cannabis stuffed inside than traditional joint cones.

Most of your customers will prefer having a little more in their pre roll than a little less, so offering up a cone should earn the curiosity of even your most die-hard regulars. Pre roll cones are also easier to fill for you and your customers. The larger opening at the top makes them a larger target to drop cannabis inside.

Dispensary staff and owners often prefer using filling machines to get cones filled faster. Your customers will see a clear winner in the cones vs joints debate when they can start enjoying their smoke sooner. Plus, the additional space at the end helps with airflow when smoking. This allows smokers to get clean pulls without it hitting too hard or getting blocked.

Cons of Pre Roll Joints

Even the best pre rolled joints can't make up for some of the cons that come along with them.

The first one is that they can be delicate and easily breakable. This is especially true if you try to put too much weed in a joint or roll it too tight. The thinner design of the straight joint is easier to mistakenly hit or bend without even applying too much pressure.

Another con of even the best pre roll joints is you can't fit as much as you could into a pre roll cone.

The cones have a wider width at the end, so there is no way you can match the amount with a joint pre roll. Another con of the pre roll joint is it doesn't allow as much airflow as a pre roll cone. When you take a drag, you won't get as big of a pull as you would from a cone. For people who like to take big puffs, it may not be as enjoyable a smoking experience.

Cons of Pre Roll Cones

The cones vs joints debate wouldn't be fair without listing out some of the cons of stocking pre roll cones.

For starters, pre roll cones are a newer item which means your customers may not be as familiar with them. You'll probably have to educate first-time customers on how to use them, but taking that time with them will only build trust.

Another con is they have a wider surface area which means more opportunities for the cone to run on either side, which may lead to a bad experience for unprepared customers. Cones are going to have more airflow, which means when customers take a drag, they will be burning more of the contents inside as well as the paper itself. But this isn’t much of a con if you remind your customers they’re getting more in their smoke and show them how to make the most of it.

Cones Vs Joints: We Have a Winner?

The old-school methods of using a joint will never fully go out of style, but we love pre roll cones for their ease of filling, their “bigger” smoke, and their organic options. Not to mention, they go a long way toward helping your dispensary stand out. The Cones Factory can customize pre roll cones with your dispensary name and branding, and we offer many colors and styles, so you get exactly what you’re looking for— and your customers do, too. Plus, buying in bulk is a cost effective way to stock up for year-round sales. Have questions? Email us or give us a call at (506) 497-7830 to get started on your order. 

Pre-Roll Joints Vs Cones