Someone filling a rolling paper with cannabis

The cannabis and the various products that you form with your premium bud (like prerolls) are the heart and soul of your dispensary. However, both seasoned and new cannabis enthusiasts need a range of accessories to help them get the most out of their weed. What types of products should you keep in stock so you have all of your customers’ needs covered? Here are the 6 most popular smoking accessories that your dispensary needs to offer!

1. Grinders (Preferably 4-Piece Grinders)

Grinders are one of the most essential tools in any cannabis enthusiast’s arsenal. If you enjoy smoking cannabis, you need to have a grinder on hand to be able to smoke bowls or roll joints and blunts. These weed accessories come in many forms, but you may want to have more four-piece grinders than two-piece or three-piece grinders on hand. With a four-piece grinder, you have two pieces that grind down the cannabis so it can easily be rolled up, a third chamber to catch the falling bud, and a fourth chamber that collects the kief that can be added to joints and bowls. However, smoking accessories like two-piece and three-piece grinders still get the job done!

2. Rolling Trays

Have you ever rolled up a joint or a blunt, only to spill weed all over your floor, bed, or couch? There’s nothing worse than wasting cannabis or making a mess. Fortunately, there are rolling trays! Rolling trays come in a wide range of designs and sizes to help your customers roll up with ease. These include basic metal rolling trays, trays with special compartments for each of their tools, and even custom rolling trays with designs they want. You can’t forget about rolling trays when you’re stocking up on popular smoking accessories. 

3. Hand Pipes

Having high-quality cannabis is just half the battle. Customers need something that they can smoke with. Hand pipes are arguably one of the most popular smoking tools. Easy to use, easy to clean, and the most budget-friendly option (in comparison to bongs or dry-herb vaporizers), hand pipes are sure to be a top-seller. Make sure to highlight these smoking accessories somewhere near you bud. 

4. Stash Jars and Bags

Many weed accessories are designed to enhance smoking sessions. However, there are accessories designed specifically for those who need to keep their passion for cannabis a secret. No matter the reason, another popular product you should offer customers is stash ars and bags. These products serve to ensure that the smell of cannabis doesn’t waft around the environment. However, many stash smoking accessories also offer features like locks to keep out prying eyes, foam to keep glass tools safe, and humidity packs. There are so many options out there that customers can use to keep people from finding their stash. 

5. Ashtrays

Rolling trays can often double as ashtrays. However, people who invest in high-quality trays may not want to flick their ashes onto the surface. This is where ashtrays come in! Much like rolling trays, ashtrays are smoking accessories that come in a wide range of materials and designs to help customers find something that matches their style. There are even some high-end ashtrays out there that double as decor for customers trying to emulate a certain vibe. 

6. Odor Eliminator Sprays

Smoke smells tend to linger, getting absorbed by fabrics and other materials. While this may have been a problem in the past, there are numerous smoking accessories designed to tackle the problem of cannabis smell. Another tool that’s perfect for those either looking to keep their smoking on the down-low or keep their house smelling fresh is an odor-eliminating spray. These types of sprays use the same technology as other sprays, binding to odor molecules and getting rid of them. Whether your customers prefer natural sprays or other odor-eliminating weed accessories with synthetic fragrances, there’s a wide range of products to choose out there. 

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