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When you are running a dispensary, it goes without saying that you need your dispensary to get plenty of attention in order to build a customer base. Aside from having high-quality products, there are many ways that you can engage in dispensary marketing that can win you customers that will come back again and again. If you don’t know how to market your dispensary, there are a few simple things that you can do to create your own marketing campaign and start building your brand. 

Local SEO

Using local SEO methods of dispensary marketing is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. When people are looking for a local dispensary, they need to know that you’re in the area. You need to go to the major search engines and fill out all of the business information forms so that your business comes up when someone does a local search for a dispensary. This will instantly give them a lot of information about your business such as whether you’re open at the moment. 

Another part of local SEO is to use the name of your area on your website. Then, when people search for your area and dispensaries, your site comes up. Use SEO principles to ensure that the best keywords are used on every page of your website. It’s also a good idea to have alt tags created so that search engines know what your site is all about.

Blog Marketing

Having a blog on your site is a good dispensary marketing strategy that can help you to get more visitors to your site. Creating a blog gives your website more pages so that more people are likely to find your site. It also gives you many more pages to post good keywords on. It’s good for SEO as well as for building a readership. When you add to your site regularly through the blog, search engines like to see that you have fresh content. It may help your site ranking in search engine results. 

When you have an interesting and informative blog, it can attract people to visit your site again and again to get the latest posts. When customers keep returning to your site, they will become more and more familiar with your brand. They also see that your business is active and currently doing business. 

Social Media Marketing

Another important type of dispensary marketing is to do your marketing through social media. There are several social media networks that have huge numbers of users, and they often spend a lot of time on these apps. If you’re looking at how to market your dispensary, don’t leave out social media. It’s best to know your demographic and to go where that demographic spends its time. For instance, Meta and Twitter tend to have older customers than Snap and Instagram. If you are targeting Gen Z, these may be best for your dispensary marketing. If you’re looking for a wide range of ages, go with all of these networks. 

It’s important to post regularly to these sites to build up a following. Use the networks to talk about the industry as a whole as well as interesting facts as well as promoting your dispensary. No one wants to follow a user that is using the network purely promotionally. Post often, but not too often. People don’t want their feed filled with your messages. Post often enough to keep interest in your account and to keep getting your name out there. Be sure to use plenty of pictures to both interest readers and to give a personal face to your account and your business. 

Email Marketing

When you’re looking into dispensary marketing, it’s easy to overlook email marketing. Do people still read emails? Surprisingly, yes! Most people check their email regularly, and they will see the messages you send through email. The first step is to cultivate an email list. People have to opt in to get the emails. You can offer information in exchange for their sign-up, such as an ebook, etc., or you can offer a discount on a purchase in exchange for joining the newsletter. 

Next, you need to create the email newsletter and send it out on a regular basis. It should be packed with information and/or deals on what you sell. The reader needs to see what’s in it for them if they read it when it comes out. Having a newsletter once a week or so is a good frequency, as it won’t be so often that it comes across as spam emails. This can be a highly effective, and inexpensive, dispensary marketing strategy.

Get Support from The Cones Factory

Marketing can take an obscure business and make it one that is well-known in the area. Now that you know how to market your dispensary, you can engage in marketing from a number of different directions and build a complete dispensary marketing strategy. You can enhance your marketing efforts even further with custom cones, tubes, and more from The Cones Factory, putting your logo right on your products. We have a wide variety of bulk products that can help take your dispensary to the next level. Contact us today!