Hand holding a pre rolled cone

You may have heard about pre rolls before from cannabis-savvy friends, but what exactly is a pre roll? Simply put, pre rolls are joints that come pre rolled and ready to go when you buy them. Most pre rolls have a similar size, weight, and space for bud inside, and are available from a wide range of dispensaries and retailers. Pre rolls have become one of the best and most popular products for beginners and enthusiasts alike thanks to their many benefits.

Ease of Use

One of the biggest reasons that pre rolls are so popular is that they are so easy to use. Because they are already rolled when you get them; you don’t have to buy flower, take it apart, get some rolling papers, and hope you put it all together well. All you have to do is buy pre rolls, fill them with your bud, and get smoking. Many people want to have a little relaxation at the end of the day with a pre roll, and this method of cannabis delivery means that you don’t have to clean out a bong or pipe. You also won’t have to spend your time rolling it. When people learn what a pre roll is, and see how simple and easy they are to use, they’re usually swayed to the pre roll side.


When people roll their own joints, it’s hard to tell how much cannabis is in them, and each joint is likely to be much different from the next one. What is a pre roll if not a precise joint? When pre rolls are made, they are made to a standard that ensures each one has the same allotted space for your weed. This helps people who know how much they want to smoke to get the specific effects that they’re after, making sure each joint is standardized. The best pre roll for beginners is definitely one that comes in a standard size so that they will know how it will affect them.

Pre rolls are often made with a pre roll machine that is highly precise in the joint that it rolls. Each one is uniform, so there’s no guesswork about how much is in it or how much of it the buyer wants to smoke.

Pre Filled Samples

Buying some cannabis flower can be a lot more expensive than buying a pre roll or two. Many consumers love to buy a joint or two and pay little for what they get rather than paying more for a supply of flower, and some pre rolls come pre loaded with bud already! When someone buys one of these pre rolls, they have enough for an evening or two, depending on how much they want to use. And when buying a pre roll, they aren’t locked into a strain that they find they don’t care for. Getting pre filled pre rolls is a great way to try out different varieties, and possibly find a new favorite. What is a pre roll sample? A single joint that allows you to branch out with the number of strains you try. The best pre roll for beginners is often a single joint that will let them discover which strains they like.


If you want to take your cannabis with you on a trip, to a friend's house, or to a party, it’s always easier to grab a pre roll and take it with you than to pack a lot of supplies for rolling your own joint. A pre roll joint is small and light and can be placed in a pocket or purse and carried until it’s ready to be used. As long as you or someone else has a lighter, you’re good to go with this method. You don’t have to go inside and look for a table or a sink in order to get the high you want. Become the talk of the party when you let your friends discover what a pre roll is.

Ease of Storage

It’s important to store a joint properly so that it doesn’t get stale. The small and compact size of pre rolls makes storage easy. Mason jars, Saverettes, or even a small, sealed baggie can keep them in good condition.

Pre Rolls from The Cones Factory

Having pre rolls on-hand can make it quick and easy to have a smoke break any time. There’s no prep work, and there’s no inconvenience. If you’ve ever wondered what a pre roll is, now you know the many benefits they carry.

At The Cones Factory, we manufacture a wide range of pre roll products, including cones, tubes, and more. We’re not happy until you are, so please reach out if you have questions about any of our products. With fast lead times, private labeling, and food-grade products, you’re sure to like what we have to offer!