A person packing rolling papers with cannabis

The pre roll is a relatively basic product found in nearly every dispensary. A pre roll is a versatile product, acting as a standalone purchase, a bundle purchase, or even a freebie given out for customer loyalty. More importantly, these simple products can tell customers about the quality of your dispensary. Are you a business that uses trim or shake for pre rolls, or do you use premium bud? All of this can make a massive difference in how customers perceive you.

That being said, there’s a lot of work that goes into crafting the perfect pre roll experience. It all begins with understanding the different types of pre roll papers and what they have to offer. If you’re trying to find the right pre rolls for your business, let’s walk through the different types in the guide below.

Types of Pre Rolls: Form

There are two main types of pre rolls that you’re going to come across when you decide to tailor your pre roll experience to your customer base: pre roll cones and pre roll tubes. But what is the difference between the two, and why does it matter?

Pre roll cones are generally what most people think of when they think of pre roll papers. These types of pre rolls are perfect for those looking to make pre roll joints due to their tapered base and flared ends. All you have to do is pack your premium bud into the cone, twist and roll the tip, and get them out in front of customers! Given that joints will often be the more popular choice between joints and blunts, you may wish to have more pre roll cones in your inventory.

Of course, those aren’t the only types of pre roll papers you might need. Pre roll tubes are perfect for those who are looking for more evenly cylindrical papers or wraps, like the types you would need in order to make blunt pre rolls for customers. When it comes down to the question of which one is best for you, it will ultimately be determined by the demand for these different types of pre rolls from customers who frequent your dispensary.

Types of Pre Rolls: Paper Quality and Look

It’s important to remember that not all pre roll papers are made the same. In today’s market, many of the rolling papers that are flavored or colored may have unnecessary additives to them that could pose a risk to someone’s health over time and with continued use. More organic products are taking off as a result, and that’s largely what you’ll find here when you decide to make The Cones Factory your go-to for all things pre rolls.

While many of the pre roll cones and tubes you’ll come across will be made from hemp and wood pulp, there are different styles. For a more natural look, brown hemp cones can demonstrate to your customers that you’re using hemp papers in all of your pre rolls. But while brown pre roll papers are a popular color, there are other colors that are equally as natural. You can also find pre roll cones and tubes in colors like French White and Himalayan tan for a different look.

Ultimately, the type of pre roll cones and tubes you choose will depend upon aesthetics given that many of our pre roll products feature benefits like being FSC-certified food-grade paper and fully customizable. Take a moment to research what types seem to be the most popular in today’s market or even reach out to your customers and ask for their thoughts on the different types of pre roll papers used to make pre rolls.

Start Your Pre Roll Journey Here With The Cones Factory

Choosing the perfect pre roll can be an extensive process. Fortunately, there’s help out there to guide you through every step and ensure that you end up with a final product you can be proud of. We here at The Cones Factory have years of experience working with dispensaries in need of premium pre roll papers that can help them support their business and pre roll needs. We’ve changed the game with benefits like factory direct prices (no matter having to deal with a middleman), fast lead times on your custom or bulk pre roll cones and tubes, and even premium quality pre roll packaging to accompany all of your high-quality joints and blunts.

Are you ready to elevate your pre roll experience and cater to your customers’ needs? Get started with us now by ordering cones and tubes in bulk or filling out our custom cones order request form to tell us more about your pre roll project. Need help? Contact us to get in touch with our excellent customer support team!