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With cannabis being normalized more by the day, more and more people are seeking out pre rolls for their ease of use. As your business stocks up on pre rolls, you may be wondering: how long do pre rolls last? The answer to this question can vary depending on how your pre rolls are taken care of.

So, do pre rolls expire? In general, there is no expiration date for pre rolls, but you do need to store them properly to ensure they keep their smell and flavor. If they aren’t stored well, they will get stale and can lose their smell and taste as well as their ability to get you high. This happens because exposed pre rolls often have their terpenes degrade. Your goal is to keep them from being exposed to too much air, or to other elements like water.

Ultimately, pre rolls can last for as long as you store them properly.

Keeping Your Pre Rolls Fresh

There are a lot of ways for you to keep your pre rolls out of the air so that they stay fresh, flavorful, and full of important terpenes. Pre rolls and other cannabis do not expire, but when they aren’t stored correctly, they can lose about 16% of their THC within a year. Avoid this with any of these effective storage methods:

Cigar Tubes

Using an empty cigar tube is a great way to keep a pre roll protected. These tubes are airtight, sealing the pre roll away from the air and other damaging elements. They’re small, light, and easy to transport. Of course, cigar tubes may cause your pre rolls to have the scent of cigars, which not everyone likes, but for however long you want to store them there, your pre rolls will last in cigar tubes.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a great way to keep cannabis products fresh because they’re made to be airtight and to protect what’s inside. These are a great storage container to use in your home for all of your pre rolls so that they stay away from the air. A bonus of mason jars is that they come in a wide range of styles, so you can find one that will not only hold all of your pre rolls at once, but one that will also look good in your home. As long as you keep the top lid nicely sealed, your pre rolls will last a long time in a mason jar. You can further increase the effectiveness of your mason jar storage by keeping a moisture-absorbing pack inside the jar. This will absorb any moisture that may already be inside the jar, to prevent staleness as well as mold growth.


Saverettes are similar to cigar tubes, but they have a few extra features that cigar tubes don’t. For one, you can place a joint that’s still lit into this tube and close it; the Saverette puts it out in just a few seconds. These tubes are made specifically for joints, so they’re guaranteed to hold various pre roll sizes securely. They also won’t melt when you place your still-smoking pre roll inside. How long do pre rolls last in a Saverette? Like with mason jars, you can store both full pre rolls and half-soaked ones indefinitely in a Saverette, as they are airtight and compact. And like cigar tubes, they are easy to carry with you anywhere.

Pill Bottles

PIll bottles are sometimes used for storing pre rolls because they come in a number of sizes and are common household items. They won’t put a joint out like a Saverette, and you might not want to mix half-smoked joints with complete ones. Having one for each is an easy way to store these items in a container that is air and water-tight. Like a mason jar, if you have a large pill bottle, using a water-absorbing pack inside it can help keep your pre rolls even fresher. And with smaller pill bottles, they’re easy to take with you when you’re on the go. Do pre rolls expire when stored in pill bottles? Though pill bottles don’t have all the advantages of the other storage methods discussed, rest assured that your pre rolls can last a long, long time in them.

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Pre rolls are a convenient way to use cannabis, but make sure you store them well. Pre rolls do not expire, but leaving them out to take in air can result in terpene degradation and staleness. At The Cones Factory, we’re passionate about pre rolls; we want you to not only get the best-quality pre rolls, but also to know how to make them last as long as they can. We’re happy when our customers are happy, so shop now, and reach out if you have any questions.