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Each year, more states are legalizing the use and ownership of cannabis. And naturally, expanding legalization brings with it an ever-expanding customer base from all walks of life. Different customers will have different preferences when it comes to what they consider the best pre rolls, but there are a few criteria that are accepted almost universally.

Pre rolls are a staple product for most cannabis dispensaries and retailers because they are easy for customers to use and have a low price point. There are many types and brands of pre rolls that are competing for shelf space, and they offer very different looks and experiences for consumers. It’s a good idea to know what is popular in pre rolls so that you can stay competitive in your own business.

Easy Smoking, Lower THC

According to consumers, there are several factors that contribute to the best pre rolls. Consumers don’t want a pre roll that has an enormous amount of TCH like the 80% that a dab can have. They prefer pre rolls made from flower that is around 20% THC. Pre rolls are much more popular than dabs, and this is one of the reasons behind that popularity. The experience of smoking a pre roll should be easy and comfortable rather than intense. 

Many people choose to smoke pre rolls for their ease. They don’t have to roll their own or get out a bong or other equipment. And because they aren’t overly intense, consumers can have a pre roll at the end of every day if they choose. They’re ready to go, and they cost very little when compared to buying flower by itself. Smoking pre rolls also allow people to try out new strains that interest them at a lower investment.

Many customers like to buy multipacks so they have it for different days or to be able to share with friends. If you haven’t stocked multipacks, now is the time to do so. Since the pandemic began, more people are conscious of germs and may not want to share joints with others. Keep this in mind!

Pre Roll Prices

One of the most important aspects to many consumers is the price of the pre rolls they buy. One of the big reasons for the popularity of this delivery method is that they cost less than many other types of cannabis they could get. The price of each one should be low, but that doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the quality of the cannabis. If consumers are disappointed by the quality, they won’t buy again, and you won’t have the all-important repeat customers that you need to thrive in the cannabis business. When you have the best pre rolls at a good price, you can expect to see your customers again.

Paper Types

When customers look at pre rolls, one of the things they notice first is the type of paper that was used. The best pre rolls are made from the best-quality paper, but there are several paper choices to consider. Customers often prefer their paper to be organic hemp paper, but it’s also common to have pre rolls made with brown or white paper. Some may prefer an unrefined brown paper for its natural properties. Hemp papers tend to be some of the best quality because of the thinness of the paper and its sturdiness. Hemp also tends to be genetically modified less often than many other plants that are used to make paper. However, refined white paper also has benefits, such as being tasteless and highly clean. Ultimately, there are pros to each type, and which you invest in is ultimately up to your own preference.


Customers interested in the best pre rolls also care a lot about the quality of the flower. Even if it’s inexpensive, no one wants a pre roll that has a bad taste and isn’t effective. Pre roll brands often use good-quality flower and have a grind size that is highly consistent. The best pre rolls will have both of these qualities.


Many people seek out Sativa or Indica and want these available in their pre rolls. Others want to be able to buy pre rolls that contain a hybrid. Each of these varieties gives a different kind of high and have different type of health benefits. It’s a good idea to have a variety of pre rolls so that there is a variety there for every consumer. With a variety available, anyone can find the best pre rolls for their tastes and expectations.

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Pre rolls are a classic way to use cannabis, and they remain a popular product across many demographics. With help from The Cones Factory, you can make sure yours are what consumers are looking for. We take pride in manufacturing only the best pre rolls, and our private labeling and excellent customer service are second to none. Contact us and get started today!