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The cannabis industry is lit. In 2021, nationwide cannabis sales reached a staggering $25 billion, and with 44 percent of Americans having access to recreational cannabis and 91 percent supporting legalization, the sky’s the limit. The problem? With a thriving industry that offers an opportunity for strong profitability comes greater competition. As a dispensary owner, you’re well aware that there are more than just a few competitors in your area. The key to standing out lies in branding, which encompasses the dispensary logos you apply to the weed accessories you buy wholesale, as well as the image and experience that you advertise to customers.

With all this in mind, you might have noticed that your branding isn’t helping you stand out in today’s market. Here’s how you can determine if it might be time to switch strategies and what you need to do if your cannabis branding could use a refresh. 

Two people sharing a joint

Signs It’s High Time to Rebrand

Rebranding can seem like a pain, but when your brand simply isn’t taking off, figuring out what your dispensary needs to attract customers is essential to moving forward. Whether you need to switch up your dispensary logos or your approach to marketing, here are a few signs it’s high time to rebrand.

  1. You’re trying to target a new audience: Your branding should always speak to your audience, regardless of who they might be. Are you a medical dispensary looking to cater to those who use cannabis for chronic conditions? Look for a way to incorporate a feeling of trust and authority in your brand. Do you offer a lot of innovative new strains and products that recreational users love? You might want something more laid back or indicative of a higher quality experience. If you’re focusing on a new audience, you need to focus on creating new dispensary logos that you slap onto all the weed accessories you get wholesale and a whole new brand experience. 
  2. Your branding is too similar to other dispensaries: Is your branding too much like your competitors? If so, that can make it too difficult for you to stand out. There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by another dispensary’s products, but you have to make your own branding unique if you want to compete. 
  3. You now have more to invest in your branding: Bootstrapped dispensaries aren’t uncommon, and some dispensary owners might have little to invest in branding and marketing when they first start out. But if you have access to far more capital in the present, you should definitely rethink your marketing strategy and dispensary logos. 
  4. Your brand is out of style: Chasing trends can work in the short term, but trends run their course quickly in today’s society. If your branding is old and not as cool as it once was, try for something timeless this time around. 
  5. You didn’t attach your brand to an image in the first place: Branding is more than your logos. It’s the experience that you have to offer loyal dispensary customers. If you focused solely on visuals and never developed what your brand has to offer, return to the drawing board. 

How to Rebrand Your Dispensary

If you identified with any of the points above, you need a rebrand. This means a full overhaul of your marketing strategy, your visual identity (dispensary logos, etc.), and the way that you approach brand quality, such as buying better weed accessories wholesale. Start by setting aside some time to conduct comprehensive competitor research, evaluate and understand your audience, and come up with a new company image (as well as identify marketing channels and strategies) that will help you stand out in today’s market.

Once you’ve tackled the hardest parts of rebranding, it’s time to come up with the proper visuals. Great visual branding is easily recognizable, simple (so that you can put it on all of your products), and timeless. If you need to, you might want to check out some other cannabis brands that have really put their mark on the industry. Just make sure that you’re not trying to emulate their dispensary logos along the way. After you have your visual identity and brand identity down, it’s just about making an impact with the right cannabis products. That’s where we come in!

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