420 Supplies for cannabis lovers at a dispensary.

More people than ever are discovering the benefits of a cannabis-friendly lifestyle. 

What is a cannabis-friendly lifestyle? It’s a way of life that appreciates hemp and cannabis in all forms. It may mean you enjoy green living and natural, sustainable products. It may mean you like the euphoric effects of cannabis and appreciate so-called stoner artwork with bright colors, funny memes, and provocative images. It may mean you incorporate cannabis into your career.

This post examines some of the best 420 supplies and products that are available for those of us who value a cannabis-friendly lifestyle. It will also provide some suggestions for what to look for when you are shopping so that you can find the best manufacturers and vendors

Stylish Hemp Clothing

Premium clothing manufacturers use hemp because it is inexpensive, easy to work with, wears well, and can be made using organic and sustainable processes. Clothing made from hemp will last for years and resist fading, and hemp can be used in products as diverse as sun dresses to durable coveralls. Companies like Toad & Co, Patagonia, and Thought, among others, supply 420 products that are warm, stylish, and popular.

If sustainability and ethical manufacturing standards matter, then check for certification from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), USDA Organic, or Oeko-Tex Standard 100 before you buy. If green manufacturing practices matter, or you are seeking a chemical-free lifestyle, look for organically processed cloth. This due diligence will help you find suppliers that meet your high standards.

Filling a cone

Easy-To-Use Rolling Cones

If you’re not familiar with rolling cones, think of them as pre rolled rolling papers. They can help older cannabis lovers and people with mobility limitations make joints, preserving independence. These 420 supplies can also help when you feel lazy. This makes pre rolled cones popular with many smokers, including medical marijuana users.

Materials include French white paper, rice paper, hemp, flax, or other materials that burn clean and evenly and do not affect smoking quality. Some rolling cones are made with special materials like rose or lotus flower petals, for example, that may enhance the smoking experience. Cones may include filters made of wood, wood pulp, cellulose, or other materials.

When it comes to smoking, many prefer their consumable 420 supplies and products to be made from all-natural, organic materials. The best cones should be strong enough to handle the stress of filling and contribute no disagreeable flavor or scent to the smoking experience. Additional things to look for include the style of packaging and filters. Strong packaging can protect your cones better, and many users prefer built-in filters that are part of the cone instead of separate because they can’t slip out and they never get lost. 

Pre Rolled Joint Tubes

Joint tubes are for smokers who find cones to be wasteful or unsuitable due to their size or shape or some other reason. These 420 supplies are made of the same materials as cones, but they are a different shape and usually hold less weed. They look and feel more like a standard joint, and they are great for smoking high-end herbal mixtures and the most potent cannabis flower.

Pre rolled joint tubes are shaped like cylinders, and they have filters, which make them look like a cigarette from a distance, with the twisted tip being the only visible difference. Since they are smaller they smoke faster, making them perfect for short walks and quick interludes.

To find the best pre rolled joint tubes, follow the same advice for finding the best pre rolled cones. 

Custom Labeled 420 Supplies 

Products with your company or dispensary logo can increase brand awareness. If you are operating in a crowded market with numerous other businesses trying to get the attention of consumers, a good branded product can set you apart from the competition and make customers remember your store. Changes in technology have made private labeling affordable for even the smallest farm, grow house, and cannabis dispensary. 

Coupled with good flower and a catchy store name, private-label products have an excellent chance of increasing your dispensary’s visibility and making profits soar.

Odor Blocking Storage

Powerful weed can permeate paper and plastic, so many users include odor-blocking bags or containers among their favorite 420 supplies.

Cannabis flower in a plastic bag

Smell-proof bags and pouches use odor-blocking technology, like multiple layers of plastic, mylar, or metal foil. They may be infused with odor-destroying or odor-trapping charcoal or zeolite, or contain chemically charged paper or similar materials. Their effectiveness depends on construction, the material used, and age since odor-destroying components may lose strength over time.

To find the best products, look for fresh bags that are waterproof, airtight, and manufactured recently. They should include scent-absorbing material, strong construction, and multiple barriers. Look for bags that include at least one layer of mylar or metallic foil. These qualities will help the bag trap scents and reduce the odor that escapes when you open and close the bag. 

Quality Out Of Canada

The Cones Factory is based in Canada and provides 420 supplies and products to the cannabis-friendly community in North America and beyond. We offer competitive wholesale pricing for custom pre roll tubes, rolling cones, and custom pre roll packaging. All goods pass a 3-tier quality control process that ensures only the best products reach our shelves, so you can be sure that your flower will be in the finest cone or joint tube available.

We think our pre rolled cones, wraps, skins, and joint tubes are some of the best items you can find, and we are confident you will think the same. Fill our cones with your premium bud and your customers will soon be associating your brand with the best 420 supplies they can find! Contact us today for a mockup, and see what your logo might look like on our cones!