Stoner accessories, including a grinder and pipe, on a wood tabletop

If you enjoy cannabis, you’re probably looking for pleasure, relaxation, soothing relief, or a combination of these things. No matter why you get high, there may come a time when the process seems tedious, or even boring. If you find smoking hum-drum, then this article is for you! We’ll discuss some different ways to enjoy cannabis and how to find some of the dankest 420 accessories for sale online. 

Gas Mask Bong

Inspired by the movie The Beach Bum, this type of bong is exactly what it sounds like–a face-covering mask that looks like a WWII gas mask, with a bong attached to it directly or through a hose. Some models include an air valve or carburetor to control the smoke, which completely covers the user’s face when in use.

It’s hard to beat these stoner accessories when it comes to appearance and operation, but they have some drawbacks. They tend to pick up odors and require a lot of cleaning, so you’ll want a smell-proof container for storage. Smoke can irritate your eyes and the smell of weed will permeate skin and hair under the mask, coating it with smoke residue that you may find irritating.

Gas mask bongs are undeniably dank-looking. You can find this 420 product for sale online from different manufacturers who specialize in smoking accessories. 

Joint Holder Ring

The problem with a joint is you don’t dare set it down or you’ll scorch something–or worse. This can sometimes make smoking a joint problematic, like during a walk in the woods, for instance. Joint holder rings solve this problem by providing a “third hand” to hold your joint.

A basic J-ring has a small projection or flange on it with a hole that fits a joint. Fancier rings have an extension that holds the joint or cone away from your skin. The ring frees your hands to do something else, making this a very useful accessory for stoners, especially if you like joints.

Because they are simple, easy to care for, and have elegant options, this product gets an extremely dank rating. You can find them at many smoke shops and online. 

Portable Vaporizers

Portable herb vaporizers run on batteries so you’re not tied to an electrical outlet. They are small, mighty, and discreet. Here are a few of the latest and dankest 420 vaporizers for sale online. 

Launch Box 

By Magic Flight, the Launch Box is a hardwood stoner accessory with external rechargeable batteries. It boasts simple wiring instead of complex electronics, so less can go wrong. It rates very dank for being visually appealing in a steampunk way and for dependable construction.

Firefly 2+ 

Firefly makes state-of-the-art vaporizers that use touch-sensor technology. You set the temperature using an app, and the bowl, which heats only when you inhale, can be adapted for concentrates. Techy smokers would rate these products cyber dank.

VapCap M

The VapCap M by DynaVap is a non-electronic vaporizer that uses an external heat source. Any flame or lighter can be used to heat the tip of this durable all-metal stoner accessory. Metalheads and preppers would rate it apocalyptically dank.

An assortment of 420 items for sale online

Hydrology 9 

This vaporizer, by Claudious9, contains a glass, water-filled reservoir that functions like a hybrid vaporizer/bong. At the touch of a button, clouds of smoke bubble through the liquid, giving it a unique appearance and making it an unexpectedly dank vaporizer. 

Pre Rolled Papers

Pre-formed papers and rolling cones may be the quintessential stoner accessory for many smokers who like the traditional approach to receiving cannabis benefits. These products are pre-formed in a cone or tube shape and may include a built-in filter tip for the ultimate smoking luxury.

Your hands don’t have to be steady to use a rolling cone or pre rolled joint paper, you just fill it, tap it down a little, and smoke it. This makes joints (and cones) accessible to medical marijuana patients who may find it impossible to roll a joint the traditional way. You can buy pre rolled joint tubes and cones made of different materials, like rose petal joint cones, and hemp paper, to enhance the experience. These consumable stoner accessories deserve a very dank rating.

Artisan Glassware

Glassware and other goods in this category are among the highest-priced 420 products for sale online. These glass bongs, pipes, and bubblers are made by master glassworkers and artists who turn glass into art that pleases the eye and intrigues the spirit. They have items that are sure to impress even the most jaded smoker. So prepare yourself to view high-end stoner accessories that are worthy of a cosmically dank rating if you shop at the following stores.

Woman with a glass bong

Tako, of Tako Glassworks, creates a wide variety of fantastic glass pipes, bongs, and bubblers. The works of a master craftsman, this glassware is a sight to behold. These unique products run from under $100 to well over $1000.

Legacy Glassworks makes memorable and unique artisan glassware and breathtakingly dank pipes and bongs. Limited availability can make these high-end stoner accessories hard to get, however, and finding sales of their 420 products online may be hit and miss.

The mind-blowing bongs and handheld bubblers from Women Of Weed may be more accessible to typical consumers. Women Of Weed products display a range of styles, from sharp-angled and angular to whimsical designs with fantasy elements like pets and mushrooms. Many fantasy lovers will appreciate their unique products. 

Appreciate the Dankness

Some stoner accessories you end up using all the time, and others you use once or twice and that’s it. There’s no telling how the dank accessories we’ve presented here will work for you. So explore the dankness, and try some rolling cones and custom pre roll tubes. Order a sample pack today, and contact us if you’re interested in branding possibilities for your dispensary or farm.