Three cones and cannabis flower

Selecting the perfect pre rolled cone for weed can be difficult. There are many products on the market and finding the best can be a subjective choice. Today’s blog post may help, and it may also help those who wonder if smoking a pre rolled marijuana cone or a pre rolled joint is different from smoking a hand-rolled cone or joint. So if you’ve been wondering about pre rolled cannabis products, this post is for you.

Do Pre Rolls Make a Different Smoking Experience?

Yes and no. Your favorite weed in a pre rolled cone or joint will still taste the same, for example, but your smoking experience may be better.

Almost everything about smoking a pre roll joint is superior to a standard hand-rolled joint. You always get a perfect draw and the flower is never packed too tight. Pre rolled joints contain clean cannabis, so there is never a piece of stem or a seed in the mix. Pre rolled joints, and joints made with pre rolled joint tubes, burn evenly, and pre rolled weed travels better than hand-rolled joints.

How to Find the Perfect Rolling Cones

Attitudes toward pre rolled marijuana joints and pre rolled cones can be personal, which makes some kinds of analysis difficult. Most people would agree, however, that the following tips may help find the best products and manufacturers.

Tip #1 - Check the Material

The material will affect the rate of burn and the taste of your weed. Pre roll paper can be made from wood pulp, rice, hemp, and exotic materials like lotus flowers and rose petals

Rice paper is fragile and easily torn, while hemp blunt paper may be sturdier but has a flavor that could affect some smoking blends. 

Tip #2 - Pick the Right Size 

Thicker cones hold more weed and burn slower, and larger cones are easier for beginners to fill. Thinner cones and joint tubes hold less weed and may burn more evenly. 

Tip #3 - Choose a Flavor

Some pre rolled weed cones are flavored with additives. Ingredients include menthol and terpenes, and other all-natural and artificial flavors like cherry, honey watermelon, and more. 

Tip #4 - Check the Gum Line

The gum that holds a pre rolled marijuana cone together is important, and the gum line is where the edges of the paper come together. Some overlap is necessary, but any extraneous paper should be minimal. Too much paper and glue may affect flavor.

Pre rolled weed and a bud of kush.

Tip #5 - Choose Pre Rolls With an Integrated Filter

Filters stop bits of flower from touching your lips. They are made from various materials, including biodegradable materials, with varying qualities. 

The filter can affect your smoking experience by blocking too much air, and finding the best one is a matter of personal preference. Most users prefer attached or integrated filters rather than a separate filter tip that must be inserted during filling.

Tip #6 - Select Quality Packaging

Most quality filled pre rolls are sold in protective plastic or glass “doob tubes” when purchased solo. Packaging for empty pre roll weed cones and marijuana joint tubes should be strong enough to protect them in storage. This packaging can be paper or plastic.

Paper can be strong and biodegradable, and paper can be made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Plastic packaging may be sturdier, making it better for long-term storage, and it can be made from recycled materials. 

Tip #7 - Check Reviews

Check online reviews before you buy pre roll joint tubes or cones in bulk. If reviews are hard to find, search for “News about” followed by the company name.

Some reviews can be a one-sided story, so keep that in mind when reading what customers say about pre rolled cones, pre rolled weed, pre filled joints, and other products from any manufacturer. A bad experience does not matter as much as how the company responded to it.

Man holding a joint.

Nothing Beats Experience

The tips we’ve presented in today’s post can help you find the best pre roll products and suppliers. We encourage you to try several different varieties from different manufacturers so you can fully appreciate their differences. 

The Cones Factory stocks quality pre rolled cones for marijuana and other smoking blends. Our products are brandable and we can supply them at factory direct prices. Contact us to learn more about our pre rolled weed cones today.