A gram of weed next to a pre-rolled joint

Pre roll joint sizes can be difficult to understand, especially since different factors determine how many grams go in a pre rolled-joint. One thing’s for certain, though pre rolls are becoming more popular every day, a grower or dispensary needs to offer a variety of them to be competitive in today’s cannabis market. Let’s break down the differences between various pre roll sizes and how much flower each holds so you can give your customers exactly what they’re looking for to keep them coming back for more.

Why Are Pre Rolls So Popular?

There’s nothing quite like the satisfying pull of a joint and the comforting feel of it between your fingers as you inhale its heady aroma and taste the terpenes. It makes for a relaxing experience. A variety of pre roll joint sizes means they can be used for solo, contemplative moments or parties with all your friends.

One pre-roll joint size on yellow and blue background

There’s just one problem. Not everyone can roll a joint. Even seasoned smokers struggle to roll a perfect one every time. As more and more people get introduced to cannabis, pre rolled joints make it easy for everyone to enjoy smoking confidently. Pre rolls are popular because they’re:

  • Less wasteful
  • Discrete 
  • Easy to carry 
  • Great for sampling different strains
  • Perfect for sharing

Pre rolls are an enticing and inviting way for people to begin exploring the world of cannabis.

A new smoker appreciates that they don’t have to buy expensive gear or large quantities of flower to start experimenting. Veteran smokers value the ease and convenience that pre rolls offer.

Factor in the Flower

A person showing how many grams go in a pre-rolled joint

Several factors determine how many grams go in a pre rolled joint. A pre roll needs to be packed tightly for it to burn evenly. A bud’s filling power is based on its:

  • Density
  • Moisture Content
  • Size of Grind

Denser flower will pack tighter, allowing for more cannabis to be added to the pre roll. Lighter, fluffier weed is usually stickier and moister, making it harder to pack. Remember that all flower should be broken up into small, even pieces with a weed grinder first. It’s not always possible to say exactly how much will go in different pre roll joint sizes. This is why it’s important to weigh any pre rolls sold as a certain amount.

A Guide to Pre Roll Joint Sizes

A diagram of 84mm pre-roll joint size

From pinners and kingsize to cones and tubes, pre rolls come in many different shapes and sizes. Each kind serves a different purpose or provides a different experience. So let’s break down the various sizes and exactly how many grams go in a pre rolled joint.

The most common pre roll shape is the rolling cone, which has a wider diameter at the tip to allow for easy packing. However, some people prefer to smoke pre rolled tubes that have a slender cylindrical shape, similar to a traditional cigarette. The difference between cones vs tubes is the amount of THC burned. Because cones are wider, more THC is lost to the air while it’s smoked. Tubes burn more evenly and waste less THC but are harder to pack.

A diagram of the 109mm pre-roll joint size

1. King Size 109mm Cones

These big daddy king size pre rolled cones can hold an entire gram of weed and are great for sharing. They’re the perfect party joint. A single smoker who doesn’t mind extinguishing the cherry and saving the rest for later will also enjoy this size. 

2. 84mm Cones

The 84mm pre rolled cones fit half a gram of flower. These are ideal for selling as a multi-pack and are great for beginners who might not be able to handle a whole gram of weed. They’re also popular with people who dislike putting a joint out and holding on to it for later. These can be shared or enjoyed alone while out walking the dog.

3. 98mm Cones

This is the perfect in-between size because 98mm pre rolled cones hold three-quarters of a gram of weed. So they’re the perfect option for those who smoke more than half a gram but don’t want to commit to a full gram in one sitting.

4. 70mm/21mm Cone

These little guys are known as pinners and are popular with people who like to smoke quickly and then be done. They hold half a gram but have a more cylindrical shape.

5. 98mm Reefer Cones

The reefer cones are custom pre roll tubes. Because they’re shaped like a cigarette, they’re known as reefers and only hold half a gram of flower. They’re perfect for the smoker concerned with how evenly their joints burn and how much THC they get with every hit.

It’s also important to consider the different types of paper when deciding on pre roll joint sizes. Blunts come in the exact sizes listed above, but they’re made from hemp paper, which burns more smoothly and can taste better. Some prefer the look and taste of either bleached or raw paper. You can even get pre rolled cones made from rose petals that look beautiful and taste amazing.

Several rose petal pre-rolled joints

A Variety of Options

Each of the different pre roll joint sizes serves a particular purpose and provides a special experience. Research what’s best for your clients and offer them a variety to choose from. By doing so, you’ll stand out from your competitors and instill brand loyalty in your customers. Loyalty equals repeat business and success.