Marijuana wholesale supplies displayed on a point-of-sale system

Are you thinking about opening up your own dispensary? If you’re a business-savvy cannabis enthusiast, making the decision to participate in the industry can be a stellar way to celebrate your love for cannabis and help others receive the premium experience that only you can deliver. That being said, you might be wondering exactly what you need to provide customers in order to thrive as an up and coming dispensary. We’re here to help! If you’re curious about what products you need to have at all times on your dispensary equipment list, don’t fret. we’re here to help. Here are five marijuana wholesale supplies that you can’t forget about!

1. Pre Roll Cones for Blunts and Joints

Pre rolled cones are going to be among some of the most popular products in your business. Whether you give them out as free samples with orders over a certain amount or become known for your amazing blunts and joints, the last thing that you want to have to do is roll these by hand. If you want to purchase a product, rolling cones should be at the top of your list. Easy to fill, package, and put out for sale, these cones will be an invaluable tool in your dispensary’s inventory.

2. Pre Roll Filling Machines to Prepare Your Smokable Products Seamlessly

Buying marijuana wholesale supplies is important as it allows you to take advantage of discounts and receive bulk items at a lower price. However, you should also consider having a dispensary equipment list and investing in key processing utensils that every dispensary should have as well. One example of this is a quality cone filling system. While products like pre roll cones make it easier to prepare blunts and joints, having to fill each of these by hand can be just as time-consuming as rolling them all up. A cone filling machine can hold hundreds of cones at a time, quickly fill them, and streamline the prep process for you and your employees. Keeping a pre roll filling machine in your dispensary is a surefire way toward efficiency.

3. Packaging for Marijuana Wholesale Supplies

There are so many products to consider when you buy supplies for your dispensary. One of the most important types of supplies is packaging for your various cannabis products. Products like pop-up plastic pre roll tubes keep pre rolls safe and fresh once customers leave your dispensary. Meanwhile, mylar bags are perfect for items like edibles and pop-up bottles and vials are necessary for customers buying cannabis flower. Remember that all of these supplies can also be customized with your brand so that everyone knows where they purchased their high-quality bud and weed products from.

4. Jars for Displaying the Various Cannabis Strains in Your Shop

Mason jars are also important to include on your dispensary equipment list as they can be used to store your marijuana wholesale supplies. For some of your more premium cannabis, you might wish to pair purchases with glass jars to provide customers with a better experience and help them preserve their flower. But that’s not all jars are going to be used in your business. As a dispensary, you need high-quality jars to store and display the many strains of cannabis that your store sells. Even if you’re a smaller dispensary, you’re going to need to fill out all of that shelf space eventually. You can rest assured that you have plenty of storage up front and behind the scenes to manage all of the cannabis you offer. 

5. Disposable Vaporizers

When you think of buying marijuana wholesale supplies, you might not think about products that your customers can consume. However, we have an excellent suggestion for supplies to have in your inventory: disposable vaporizers. Disposable vapes are always a favorite because customers can enjoy something that they don’t have to care for or conduct maintenance on. Whether they like CBD, Delta-8, or Delta-9, all they have to do is take the vape out of the packaging, use their device until the battery runs out, and come to your dispensary to try something new. You might even wish to consider purchasing pens, dry herb vapes, and cartridges to add to your dispensary equipment list as well!

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