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Using Mason Jars

Using Mason Jars

If you’re running through a ton of pre rolls every week this method might not be the most convenient joint storage container but it will absolutely keep your pre rolled joints fresh. 

You can get a mason jar at pretty much any major retail store or even some specialized stores. You’ll be able to find plenty of them online as well. 

The mason jar has a top with two pieces. One piece screws onto the glass and tightens to create a seal. The other piece is flat and acts as a protectant layer from any outside air. 

When you use the two together it creates a sealant inside the jar where no air can get in or out. 

This makes a perfect joint storage container because the more air that comes in contact with your pre rolls the more the oxidation process happens.

That means you’ll have some stale pre rolls that won’t taste nearly as good as they did when they were fresh. 

To make this easier for your inventory purposes you’ll want to create labels for each jar with a specific amount of pre rolls you want in each mason jar. 

This way, you can tell which ones are older and if every jar has the exact amount it’s supposed to have. 

Storing in Cigar Tubes

You can either save your old cigar tubes and use them as joint storage containers or you can order a shipment to have them brand new. 

You probably don’t want to recycle your old containers unless you’re really trying to save some money because they will often have a cigar scent that could rub off on the joints. Many customers will not appreciate this contamination of their product. 

Instead, order some new ones so that you can keep some fresh pre rolls inside and if the casing is big enough you might even be able to fit a couple inside each one. You could choose to sell your pre rolls in a tube so the customer can conveniently transport their purchase without worrying it will get squashed. 

It’s worth it to take the time and put your pre rolls one by one inside the casing. This is a great solution if you’re wondering how to store blunts because the size can accommodate the bigger paper.

It might seem like more trouble at first but once you get into the process it becomes a lot easier. 

The cigar tube will help create an air-tight solution so that each joint stays fresh and doesn’t get worn down from too much contact with the air. 

You can reuse the same joint storage containers for different pre rolls so you shouldn’t have to keep buying more casings unless one breaks or gets damaged. 

Just like with your mason jars, you’ll want to start creating labels for when the pre rolls were put inside the cigar tubes and even how many are in each one. 

You can use rubber bands to group a bunch together and put labels on the entire thing to make it easier.

Protection Using Cone Tubes

These tubes were made to fit the exact size of your specific pre roll joints. You can order them online and they can come in different sizes depending on the size of your pre roll.

That’s what makes them such good joint storage containers. 

Sure, it will take some time to put each pre roll into each individual tube but when you are done you get the satisfaction that each pre roll is safe and secure. 

What’s even better is you can sell them like this too. Now, your customer doesn’t have to walk away with some flimsy pre roll that might break the second they put it in their pocket. 

The casing provides a joint storage option that helps secure the pre roll while also being extremely transportable. 

These are typically low in cost so they shouldn’t break your budget and they usually have some kind of child protection system on the lid. 

Even if you’re wondering how to store blunts you can find a cone tube that fits the exact size. 

You can order nothing but king-size papers and still find a cone tube size that works. 

Air-Tight Containers

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At this point, you might be aware that if you store your pre rolls in an airtight container they will have the best chance at staying fresh. So it goes without saying that, really, any air-tight container will do. 

You could buy a huge air-tight container and as long as it doesn’t let any oxygen inside, it will keep your pre rolls fresh. 

So, if you need a joint storage solution that can hold a ton of pre rolls because you’re going through your entire inventory each week, there’s an air-tight container made for you.

You should keep in mind though that the bigger your containers are, the harder they will be to be completely air-tight but unless you have a ton of pre rolls you shouldn’t have to worry. 

Most air-tight containers are made for food products so you can always shop in major retailers to find what you’re looking for. 

Storing Pre Roll Joints

You can use a number of options for joint storage as long as they are air-tight containers you will be able to keep them fresh. What you choose will depend on how efficient you need the process to be and how fast you run through your pre rolls.

Storage for Your Pre-Roll Joint Inventory