Design supplies for creating custom blunt wraps

Customization isn’t just a way for you to spend more money, it can really help grow your brand and engage your audience. Without these extra efforts, you could be leaving valuable opportunities on the table without even realizing it. 

Use the tips below to discover exactly why you need to be selling custom blunt wraps in your dispensaries.

Marketing Your Brand

Six Things to Know About Custom Blunt Wraps

Usually, to get a business name out into the public and in front of hundreds of people, it costs thousands of dollars. You’d need to hire a marketing agency that will spend a ton of time and research (not to mention money) on trying to get the perfect strategy that will help get your name known.

Instead of going through that lengthy and expensive process, you could just spend a fraction of the money and brand your cones. You can place your logo, your brand name, or really anything you want on your custom blunt wraps.

Instead of you going out on your own and trying to get in front of as many people as possible, your customers are doing it for you by carrying your custom blunt wraps. As other people in their community see your customized products, they might get curious and ask where their friend got them. 

Bingo, that’s how you create free marketing for yourself with a little upfront investment. 

When you get down to it, why wouldn’t you want custom blunt wraps helping you sell your brand?

Excite your Customers


When you’re able to customize your blunt wraps you can put on anything you want. This type of hype and excitement can create a real buzz around your business. The more excitement you are able to build within your customer base with your custom blunts, the more revenue opportunities you can take advantage of. 

Be Timely

When a new social event happens everyone wants to talk about it and get immersed in the experience. 

If your state just won the basketball championship you could commemorate the experience by getting custom blunts made. 

Your customers would feel connected with the state and it would build more trust for your brand. 

You could do this for pretty much any type of event that is happening in your neighborhood. 

Let’s say there’s a festival coming up and it happens every year at the same time. 

You could make custom blunts for the festival so that everyone knew exactly where the wraps came from. You could apply the same theory to your blunt wrap bands too. 

Being timely with your customizations allows you to have a better connection with your customers and community. 

Keeps You Interested

As an owner of a dispensary things can get a little robotic after a while. Open the store, run the store, close the store. 

By getting custom blunts you are getting your creative freedom back. 

It isn’t just about being the owner but it’s about also contributing to the industry you love and remembering why you started in the first place. 

Have a little fun again and realize what made this experience worth the daily grind in the first place. 

Great Way to Test Your Market

If you don’t agree with any of the reasons you should get custom blunts so far, at least consider that it will be helpful to test your market. 

You can see what your customers respond to the most and try out different designs or phrases. 

Once you hit on something big, you can not only repeat it but also apply it to other products as well. 

Before you know it, you could be creating a small niche for yourself that no other dispensary in the area has caught on to.

Increase Your Store Options

Customers may not know exactly what they need unless you provide it. 

If you haven’t had a single custom blunt in the store then it’s impossible to know if your customers will respond to it. 

Give your customers a chance to tell you what they like instead of trying to make all the decisions for them. 

Selling Custom Blunt Wraps

Selling custom blunts and blunt wrap bands can give you a leg up on your competition in a number of ways. It can also help you understand what makes this business so fun to be in and how you can learn from your customers even more.