Cannabis pre-roll packaging

As cannabis becomes more and more mainstream, pre rolled joints are becoming an increasingly popular way to smoke it. But before you can start selling pre rolls, there are some requirements that your cannabis pre roll packaging must meet. In this blog post, we will discuss best pre roll packaging tips and tricks, along with regulations for cannabis and what you need to consider before placing your order.

Why You Need to Consider Packaging Regulations

Why You Need to Consider Packaging Regulations

When cannabis first started being prescribed to patients for medical use, the cannabis pre roll packaging was often in the same orange pill bottles that you find most other prescription medicines. The pill bottles themselves were a solution to prevent kids from suffering drug-related accidents, but the transparency of the bottle presented new problems because the kids could see the contents inside. 

This led to new regulations being put in place that required all marijuana sales be placed in opaque packaging so no one could see through them. The only issue with the new regulation was that many individuals simply transferred their flowers into a different storage container once they took it home. 

To please the customers, comply with the regulatory standards, and provide the best pre roll packaging, dispensaries started innovating safe and compliant packaging that was still attractive enough for consumers to use. Packaging is one of the biggest areas of marketing for most dispensaries since it's still hard to have an effective marketing campaign using traditional methods.

Basic Considerations for Packaging

As long as dispensaries innovate new cannabis pre roll packaging methods that meet requirements while still representing the brand, they are able to put off even stricter rules from regulators. Creating the best pre roll packaging possible helps dispensaries stay compliant with regulators, provide a great product experience to their customer, and has the added benefit of preventing the necessity of even more regulations.

Older methods of repurposing storage containers to make them more accessible for dispensaries are over now that regulatory standards require more safety. If you want to have cannabis pre roll packaging that not only keeps your dispensary safe but also offers your customers something special, there are a few things to keep in mind.


All cannabis pre roll packaging must meet state standards. For that reason, if you plan on using a specific container for your products, you need to make sure it's compliant. Every state will have different regulations, so it's important to do your research ahead of time.


Reducing waste is a major factor in conserving resources and capital, so making the best pre roll package that has very little waste is important to both the dispensary and consumer.


Consumers are increasingly becoming aware of companies that cater to ecologically sustainable initiatives. The more you cater to these clients, the more you'll reap the benefits in the long-term.


Dispensaries don't have a lot of opportunities for efficient marketing, so cannabis pre roll packaging often becomes the main source of investment. Make sure your packaging says something about your brand, and people will pick up on the message.

Common Requirements for Cannabis Pre Roll Packaging

best pre roll packaging

The most basic requirements needed for the best pre roll packaging will differ by state. You'll need to do some research before creating your own packaging. Another solution would be to go with a proven manufacturer that is already compliant.

Must Be Child-Resistant

It is required for all cannabis products that are sold to be in some kind of child-resistant container. A child-resistant container is defined as a package that is "significantly difficult" for children under the age of five to open.

This can be in the form of a bottle with a child-resistant cap or a pop-top container that has an inner seal. You'll need to make sure your packaging is tested and approved by a certified testing facility before it can be sold.

In addition to this rule, packaging cannot be designed to be attractive to children or be an obvious imitation of a non-cannabis food product. For example, you couldn't make packaging that says Weedios, a play on the cereal named Cheerios.

Must Be Tamper Evident

All of the best pre roll packaging must make it obvious that someone has tried to open or tamper with the product inside. This is usually done with a seal that shows signs of tampering if it's been opened.

This is important because it protects the consumer from buying a product that may have been contaminated. It also helps to prevent children from accidentally consuming cannabis products.

Must Indicate “Not Child-Resistant” After Opening

Some cannabis products are required to be in a package that can be opened and closed multiple times while still being child-resistant. Pre rolls don't always have this restriction, but it does require you to put an extra label on it.

You'll have to let people know that the pre roll package is not child-resistant after opening it so that if anyone opens up their pre roll, they'll understand they are responsible for its safety after that.

Must Have a Primary Panel

The primary panel includes basic information about the product like the generic name, usually a symbol that identifies the product, and the net weight or volume. This is required for pre rolls and is usually found on the top or the bottom of the package.

Informational Panel

This panel includes information that is not included on the primary panel like the date the product was packaged, licensee name and number, government warning statement, and a UID (unique identifier) number.

Cannabinoid Information

Cannabinoids and often terpenes are required information to add to all cannabis labels. This can be included on the primary or informational panel and can be added either during the manufacturing process or while being distributed in stores.

Cannabis Pre Roll Packaging

Not all states will have the same regulations, so it's important to do your research to know exactly what you'll have to include on your packaging. There are some general requirements every state needs to follow listed above so you can get started. If you want to work with a company who has already gone through the pains of figuring out regulatory standards for every state, The Cones Factory creates custom packaging for dispensaries and wholesalers. Contact us today for more information.

The Requirements for Cannabis Pre Roll Packaging