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As a dispensary owner, you want to ensure that the customer receives a premium experience every time they visit your shop. This begins right when they walk through the door and ends when they go home to try out your products for themselves. Most dispensary owners will focus on branding, but you know that every aspect of products like pre rolls matters. One common question that we encounter is whether or not using organic cones will make a difference in the overall experience. Are you thinking about switching to raw organic cones for your pre rolls? Let’s find out whether or not it matters and how you can get started with the best raw cones. 

Are Customers Asking for Organic Cones? If So, Why?

Your business revolves around the customer experience. Whatever it is the customer is looking for, it’s your goal to provide them with exactly that. One development in the cannabis culture you may have noticed is the focus on more natural, responsible experiences. From locally grown and sourced cannabis to natural hemp products, the demand for these types of products is present and growing.

Why? Many cannabis enthusiasts believe this makes their joints and blunts healthier. What’s important to know here is that raw organic cones may be better to an extent. Many pre roll cones today are treated with a wide range of additives that could pose a health risk over time. However, it’s important to remember that smoking in and of itself is an unhealthy activity. Inhaling any type of smoke into the lungs is a health risk, but rolling cone additives can worsen the potential for health issues when the smoker inhales things that aren’t meant to be introduced to the body.

So, does it make a difference? Yes, but there’s still a risk when you light up. However, choosing pre roll cones that are made with 100% hemp could reduce the additional risks that come with inhaling things like dye, chemicals, and flavorings.

How Else Do Raw Organic Cones Impact the Preroll Experience?

Beyond the fact that customers know they’re smoking a pre roll that’s more natural, there’s a range of additional benefits that come with using the best raw cones for your prerolls. Let’s take a look at a few of these below.

  • Enhanced flavor and smoking experience: Flavored hemp rolls may have their market, but true cannabis enthusiasts want something that provides them with an elevated experience. Think of raw organic cones as the difference between a bottle of cheap bourbon and a high-end bottle. The flavors are amplified, the aromas are more appealing, and everything blends together to enhance the quality of their smoke sesh. 
  • Sustainable practices: Beyond additive-free products, many smokers today are focused on sustainable products as well. Non-organic cones are more harmful to the world than necessary. For eco-conscious smokers and cannabis enthusiasts alike, switching over to raw organic cones for your pre rolls can make all the difference. 
  • Sturdier build without sacrificing the essentials: The last thing that your dispensary customers want are pre rolls that simply don’t hold up. Raw hemp cones are known for being sturdier so that they maintain their form after they leave your shop and when the customer goes to light them up. More importantly, hemp cones are still thin and burn evenly. Simply put, your customers receive all the added benefits of raw organic cones without suffering from cones that light poorly or burn unevenly when they go to enjoy your prerolls.

Products like prerolls define your shop. As such, making sure that customers walk away feeling completely satisfied is what will define your brand’s reputation. With products like raw cones, customers know that they’re smoking more natural papers, still have their expectations met when they light up, and can rest knowing they’re getting sustainable top-tier quality. 

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