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Think back to your first time smoking weed. While it might be a fond memory at this point in time, the majority of us were probably thinking about a dozen different ways it could go wrong. Even in today’s world where weed is legal in 18 of the 50 states and the general attitude towards weed has changed dramatically, people might still be nervous about getting high for the first time due to any number of myths or misconceptions they may have been taught when they were younger. As a dispensary owner, part of great customer service means helping them feel safer and navigate their first time with confidence. 

If you have customers who come in regularly and it’s their first time smoking weed, here are a few helpful pointers on how to make a first-time smoker feel at ease. 

1. Help Them Figure Out What’s Real and What’s Not When It Comes to Weed

Alleviating their concerns by tackling some of the biggest myths that they might have been taught prior to wanting to try weed for themselves can be an excellent way to help your customers feel more comfortable with weed use. Some of these common myths that may still have an impact on them include the myths that cannabis use is going to turn them into a criminal, encourage them to try harder drugs, or that marijuana is a dangerous drug that could potentially hurt them. 

By providing them with the facts before their first time smoking weed, you may help them feel at ease so that they can truly explore and enjoy the effects of cannabis for themselves. 

2. Encourage Them to Try Cannabis in a Safe Place for the First Time

Not everyone’s first time is the same, but there are ways that you can make someone else feel more comfortable getting high for the first time. One of the best ways to help them prepare for their first smoke sesh is to emphasize the importance of being in a safe environment. For example, they might want to gather some friends who are more experienced, set the mood with a funny movie or some chill music, and smoke their first pre roll joint in the comfort of their own homes. Because the first time smoking weed might be accompanied by anxiety, it’s best to help them by making sure that they’re surrounded by people who make them feel calm in an environment that they control. 

3. Direct Them to Products That Are Best Suited for Their Needs

For first-time smokers, the last thing that they’re going to need is bud with a high THC content or other products that might get them way higher than they’re comfortable with. When they’re starting out, you want to make sure that they have cannabis products they can handle. But what might that look like? Some perfect recommendations for those who are just now experiencing their first time smoking weed include: 

  • Pre roll joints or blunts filled with trim from flower that has a lower THC content than some of the other strains on your shelves. These products can also be put out so that the smoker can see how much a hit affects them. 
  • Hand pipes, chillums, and one-hitters, all of which are compact enough to ensure that they’re not smoking too much at a time. 
  • Marijuana edibles contain smaller doses of cannabis. If someone is able to microdose, they’ll feel much more comfortable having full control over how much they take and being able to increase their dose until they feel the proper effects. 

The first time smoking weed can be nerve-racking for some, but you can ensure that they have the best introduction to cannabis by providing them with the right products for getting high for the first time. 

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Customer Service How to Make a First-Time Smoker Feel at Ease