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Cannabis users love pre rolls because they provide a convenient and predictable way to consume cannabis. Vendors like pre rolls because they can help clear their shelves of unsold flower. According to some estimates, total pre roll sales at some dispensaries may account for as much as a third of their business by 2030, if present trends continue. 

Pre rolls can provide many benefits to businesses that handle recreational and medicinal weed. This article explains why weed cone fillers are so popular and how they can help your dispensary or business compete in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

Labor Saving

Labor is an inescapable cost of doing business, and even if you can charge a premium for pre rolls it won’t help if it takes a long time to pack each cone. You can save a lot of time with a good pre roll filling machine. 

A machine or filling system can stuff dozens of cones in bulk or hundreds of joints (depending on the machine) in the same time it takes to fill a handful of pre roll cones by hand. While bigger cones may take a little longer to fill, machine filling is still faster than manual filling. 

The typical weed-cone-filler process goes something like this:

  • The flower is prepared by grinding it or blending it to the desired consistency. This step is crucial for consistent results. 
  • The tray or holder in the filling machine is loaded with pre rolled joint tubes or empty cones.
  • Details vary depending on the model, but in general, the next step is for the operator to load the tray of empty cones into the filling machine (if it is a separate part).
  • After checking settings to make sure they match your pre rolls and type of flower, the machine is closed (if it has a cover) and the operator turns the power on. 
  • The operator oversees the process until all cones are filled. 
  • Upon completion, the operator turns off the power and removes the cover (if present).
  • The cones are tamped down and twisted shut. Some machines have features that make tamping and twisting more efficient or automatic.
  • The pre rolls are ready for packaging. 

The filling process may take 8-10 minutes, depending on the flower, the size of the cone, and the weed cone filler. Some machines can make a few dozen cones while others can make hundreds, and some machines may take extra training, so make sure to purchase a filling machine that matches your needs. 

Consistent Smoking Experience

Being able to predict your smoking experience ahead of time is an advantage of pre rolls. Cannabis users like this because it can help eliminate unexpected results like couch lock or oversmoking. 

Unlike hand-filling, which can create cones with different qualities, machine-filled pre rolls can be made so they are the same every time. This kind of consistent product gives consumers confidence in your business, and they may be more likely to spend their money on your pre rolled flower. It can make them feel better about purchasing large quantities of weed like a dozen or more pre rolls at a time. 

Less Waste

Weed cone fillers and pre roll machines are designed to contain the flower that is loaded in the machine and guide it into the empty cones and tubes. Some have lids or covers that create a closed system that prevents flower from being lost. These systems reduce loss or “shrinkage” so you can count on every gram you measure, prepare, and load goes into a product that converts to profit. Some flower may escape your filling process from time to time, but that bud is usually still contained within the machine (depending on the filling system). Loose buds can be collected during a later stage and used in subsequent filling cycles, so it is never lost. Pre rolled cone machines can help to eliminate mysterious shrinkage of inventory and help your business maintain profitability.

A group of pre rolled cones.


By adjusting the settings on your weed cone filler, altering the smoking blend, and using different pre roll papers, you can quickly turn out custom joints, cones, and blunts. Quality filling machines like the King Kone pre roll machine, for example, have controls that allow you to change settings to match specific products. This makes it easy to switch between lighter, less resinous flower for one type of pre roll, then use another setting for making stony blunts of stickier flower, for example. It can also help when the humidity level changes, which can affect your pre roll packing.

If customization is your goal, make sure to use memorable joint tubes, cone papers, and blunt wraps that optimize visibility. Hemp papers, designer papers, and rose petal joint cones are sure to be noticed. 


Because it minimizes human contact, weed-cone-filler pre rolls can be cleaner and healthier compared to hand-rolled cones and joints. Your pre rolls can be packaged without fear of stains or marks caused by greasy fingers, hand soap residue, moisturizers, or skin creams. Cones and joints filled by a machine have less chance of being contaminated by loose hair, dust, or bacteria. This lets you produce higher quality and cleaner pre rolled cones that may appeal to a wider audience. 

Get The Full Benefits From Your Pre Rolled Cone Machines

Make sure you get all the benefits promised when you purchase a cone filling machine by loading it with top-grade pre rolls that will compliment your top-grade weed. 

The best pre rolled papers will be consistently shaped and strong enough to hold up during the filling process. They will be made of materials that contribute no unwanted flavors or scents to your flower (unless that is what you want). Look for cone suppliers that test their products for pesticides and heavy metals and offer satisfaction and price-matching (or beating) guarantees. And finally, make sure your efforts get noticed by branding your products with a custom label that tells every user exactly where that excellent pre roll came from. 

Private labeling from The Cones Factory is affordable and a great way to boost your brand. To learn more about custom packaging and how it can help your dispensary, contact us today!

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