If you're an avid cannabis smoker, you've likely heard about pre rolls and all their amazing benefits. But if you're a beginner, you may wonder: what is a pre roll cone or blunt, and why are they so popular?

As the name implies, a pre roll is a joint already rolled by a professional or a machine and sold ready to smoke. You can buy pre rolls in a pack or as a single joint and smoke them just like a cigar or cigarette. They also typically have a filter to preserve the joint's structural integrity while smoking, and prevent bits of herb from getting in your mouth. You can purchase pre rolls directly from a dispensary or almost any brand that sells cannabis. Not every dispensary sells pre rolls because they take time to prepare, but they are becoming increasingly popular among avid smokers who value convenience and craftsmanship.

Different Types of Pre Rolls

There are several different types of pre rolls out there. To suit a variety of customer preferences, most pre roll sellers will offer a wide range.

What Is a Pre Roll Cone?

Pre roll cones are papers already rolled but not filled with herb. They have a filter and a basic shape, so all you have to do is fill it with bud and twist off the end. Pre roll cones are often purchased in bulk by cannabis brands and dispensaries to make preparing pre roll joints much easier. But some smokers also like to buy their own cones to fill with their favorite strain and save themselves the hassle of rolling up from scratch.

What Is a Pre Roll Blunt?

Cones are simple enough, but what is a pre roll blunt? A pre roll blunt is the same concept, except it uses blunt papers instead of traditional rolling papers. A blunt wrap is a type of rolling paper made from tobacco leaves that offers a unique smoking experience. It provides a small nicotine buzz that many smokers enjoy but isn't as powerful as a spliff, which contains actual tobacco. Customers enjoy pre roll blunts for the same reason they enjoy any pre roll, because they offer the ability to smoke their favorite strain in their preferred fashion without having to go to the trouble of rolling it on their own.

What Are Custom Pre Rolls?

Blunts and joints are easy to understand, but what is a custom pre roll? A custom pre roll is simply a ready-made joint that's been branded with a logo or illustration chosen by the supplier. Custom pre rolls are a great way to market your brand and make it easy for customers to recognize who produced their favorite strain. You can purchase custom pre rolls in bulk directly from the cones factory.

Why Do Customers Love Pre Rolls?

Ultimately, many customers love pre rolls because they allow you to enjoy the benefits of a joint or blunt without having to roll up yourself. Rolling is a delicate art and takes time to master. You need to ensure the bud is finely ground to burn evenly. Plus, you have to roll it tight to prevent air pockets that may disrupt the burn. Getting the perfect roll is easier said than done, and with so many rolling machines and pre roll cones on the market, most customers prefer the ease and convenience that pre rolls offer. So if you are a cannabis brand that isn't currently offering pre rolls to your customer, you should seriously consider it.

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