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Pride Pre Rolled Cones- Pack of 800 Cones

Size: 98mm
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Pre Rolled Rainbow Cones

  • Pre-labeled LGBTQ+ Pride tip on every filter
  • FSC certified 
  • Food grade materials
  • Ultra-fine French white paper
  • 800 cones in each box

Keep your shelves stocked at all times with our fast turnarounds. We work directly with our factory so we don’t have to wait on products and neither do you. Rainbow smoking accessories and custom orders like this only take about three weeks to deliver. Ensure you don’t miss out on sales with The Cones Factory, and take advantage of wholesale custom pre roll cone pricing today. We don’t work with a middle man, and you don’t have to pay for one either. We pass all our savings directly on to you. Find a lower price for your order, and we’ll match it, no questions asked.

Why Pride Cones

Pride week is a special time, whether you observe it nationally or with local Pride and LGBTQ+ events. It’s the perfect time to bring people together and have a good time. What better to spread the joy than with a specially themed cone filled with high-grade cannabis? Give the community in your area the chance to display Pride in their choice of smoking materials with these filter-tipped, Pride-branded, wholesale-priced custom pre roll cones! 

We use ultra-fine French white paper in our Pride cones, which means your customers will enjoy a smooth and even smoking experience. They are made using a sustainable and environmentally sensitive process certified by the FSC. The best part about these pre rolls is they are labeled with LGBTQ+ Pride tip on every filter. Fill these rainbow smoking accessories with your best flower and your customers will know exactly what type of pre roll they are getting. Our custom wholesale pre roll sativa cones are cut to precisely 109mm, so they’ll fit your pre roll loader and you won’t waste time doing it all by hand.

Why Choose The Cones Factory

At The Cones Factory, we’ve been working with dispensaries for years developing the best pre rolls on the market. We own our own factory, so we have full control over the entire manufacturing process and we ensure every single pre roll is just as good as the last. That’s why we can offer these Pride cones and other rainbow-themed smoking accessories at the best prices in the industry, and our shelves are never out of stock. When you need an order of custom wholesale pre roll cones fast, contact us and we’ll meet or beat whatever price you find elsewhere.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your rainbow-themed pre rolled cones special?

Our Pride-themed pre rolled cones are made with ultra-fine French white paper to ensure the smoothest smoking experience. These cones are also FSC-certified and food-grade safe, offering your customers a high-quality product.

What kind of filter is in your Pride pre rolls?

Our custom Pride pre rolls come with a standard paper filter tip. We can make custom orders to your specifications with different tips, including wood and glass filters. Contact us before your local Pride event, and we will be happy to discuss private dispensary labeling. 

See our custom wholesale pre roll cones information page to learn more, or use our order form for custom cones and joint tubes. If you have logo artwork ready, request a free sample mockup to get things started. 

Do you carry any other special custom-printed cones or tubes?

We carry a variety of custom-printed pre roll smoking accessories along with rainbow Pride papers. We have Thanksgiving-themed papers, Halloween pre roll papers, and Christmas holiday papers. 

We also have pink cones, rose-petal cones, and lotus-petal cones. These custom cones give every customer who smokes your pre rolls a memorable experience, and we’ll be happy to print wholesale pre roll cones with the custom imagery you provide. Custom pre roll packaging can expand your market and increase brand awareness. 

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