A budtender and a customer interacting

The holidays are among some of the most lucrative times for businesses. Whether cannabis enthusiasts are looking for gifts for themselves or they have friends and family shopping for them, every dispensary should look to attract these crowds. However, the success of dispensaries during the holiday season depends entirely on their marketing strategy. Are you looking for some holiday dispensary marketing ideas that you can leverage this year and beyond? If so, let’s take a look at five marketing strategies that will help you bring in the crowds, whether you’re looking into pre roll marketing or something else entirely. 

1. Run Holiday Promotions That Will Get More Customers in the Door

The holiday season is the time of year when people begin expecting all stores to have some kind of promotion. As such, giving people what they want can be a great way to draw in new buyers, get word of your brand out there, and potentially develop relationships with loyal customers who really love what your dispensary has to offer. This is why it's one of the top dispensary marketing ideas out there during the holiday season. Whether you decide to offer a certain percentage off of popular item categories, run a BOGO sale, or even throw in some extras when they spend a certain amount of money in-store, these sales will make your dispensary more visible when the holidays roll around. 

2. Create Gift Bags With Some of Your Most Popular Products

Not everyone who is going to be shopping at dispensaries is going to be a seasoned smoker. Sometimes, you might run across those who have yet to smoke or who are shopping for someone they know who loves smoking. Rather than having them run around trying to find the right products, you can advertise gift bags with some exciting products that cannabis enthusiasts are sure to love. For example, you can put together a movie night basket, where you feature some premium bud alongside popcorn, candy, and other things that a smoker would need to stave off the munchies and have a good time. There are plenty of creative dispensary marketing ideas in this section alone worth exploring!

3. Sell Stocking Stuffers Like Individual Pre Roll Joints and Blunts

For holidays like Christmas, there are quite a few creative marketing strategies you can leverage in order to get all eyes on your dispensary. One such idea is rebranding some of your top items as “stocking stuffers”. Pre roll marketing can be especially effective when you leverage customized pre roll packaging to brand certain items specifically for the holiday season. This will encourage those shopping for gifts to purchase those individual items for someone and potentially land you a loyal customer in the process. Just make sure that you’re using high-quality pre roll cones or pre roll tubes and premium bud to make these products. Otherwise, these pre roll and dispensary marketing ideas might not yield the results that you want as new customers won’t equate your dispensary with high-quality goods.

4. Offer Free Holiday Treats In-Store

What gets customers (especially smokers) in the door faster than the promise of free food? Given that it’s the holiday season, spreading the joy with in-store treats can be a great way to increase your foot traffic and visibility for your brand. Some excellent ideas include brownies, cupcakes, apple cider, pie, or nearly anything else that’s relevant to the holiday in question. If you’re feeling especially giving, you might even decide to throw some free items into the mix like free smoking accessories. While you don’t want to break the bank by giving away food or products, dispensary marketing ideas like these really get people through the door and help people warm up to your business. 

5. Host a Raffle or a Game With Prizes

People love playing games or earning the chance to win something. So, why not leverage that at your dispensary? If you’re having events throughout the holiday season, you can host a raffle where a lucky winner can land some amazing smoking accessories that they might need for themselves. If, on the other hand, you want something a bit more involved, you can always play a game. For example, hosting a game like “guess how many lumps of coal are in this jar” is festive and engaging. If you’re looking for holiday dispensary marketing ideas that stand out from the crowd, this is a great suggestion. 

Running a dispensary means navigating a saturated market. In order to stand out during crucial times like the holiday season, you have to get creative. Fortunately, there are plenty of dispensary marketing ideas like pre roll marketing and even games that you can leverage. If you need any support crafting the right pre roll experience, shop today or contact us for support!