Two women laughing at a witty dispensary name

Did you just spend the last two days trying to come up with a good name? Don’t beat yourself up, it happens to most entrepreneurs.

To make this process as painless as possible, we’ve come up with an entire list of witty dispensary names and slogans for you to use flat out, or as inspiration. Keep reading to figure out clever tricks to come up with your own dispensary names and slogans.

Clever Dispensary Names

Witty Dispensary Name Ideas

It's not always easy to come up with a name for a dispensary that is both entertaining and also shows intelligence. If you're spending all your time coming up with a name then it may be time for you to take a different approach. 

Instead of banging your head on a wall for the next few hours, get some inspiration from these dispensary names. 

  • Weed Emporium 
  • Hemp Depot
  • Lazy Daze Cannabis Co.
  • Happy Endings Incorporated 
  • Blueberry Ballistics LLC 
  • Stoned in Seattle Dispensary
  • The Kush Spot, Inc.
  • Medical Pot Mart
  • Smokey the Bear's Joints & Jokes 
  • Marijuana Express 
  • Smoke and Mirrors 
  • Joint Venture Inc. 
  • Discreet Delivery Company 
  • The Weedery 
  • Buds 'N Brains Inc. 
  • Daisy Daze Dispensary Inc.
  • Mr. Owl's Pot Shop 
  • Joint Rest Stop 
  • Cannabis College

Witty Dispensary Slogans

Coming up with a memorable and clever name like The Cones Factory is only half the battle. Creating an equally memorable dispensary slogan will help keep your brand at the tip of your customer's minds. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re coming up with a CBD slogan or a marijuana slogan, coming up with something memorable can change everything. 

A great slogan can get stuck in the mind of your audience which means you won't have to pay for nearly as much marketing material. 

But what might some great slogans to match your witty dispensary names look like? Here are some of our favorite witty dispensary slogans to pair with dispensary names:

  • Built Weed Tough
  • A radical new Weed
  • Have Weed Your Way
  • Weed after a long day
  • Weed - as good as it gets!
  • Weed, the secret of women
  • Weed is inspiration
  • Weed wanted
  • Weed moments
  • The joy of Weed
  • Watch Out, There's Weed About
  • Dude, You're Getting Weed!
  • Smart. Beautiful. Weed
  • Weed as sure as the sun shines
  • Weed is forever
  • I Can't Believe It's Not Weed
  • Weed Is Our Middle Name
  • Weed - get ready
  • A Different Kind Of Company. A Different Kind Of Weed
  • You don't want Weed as your enemy
  • Weed the best service around
  • I Learned It By Smoking Weed
  • With Weed you'll have no more worries
  • Be young, have fun, taste Weed
  • You've Got Questions. We've Got Weed
  • I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Weed
  • Absolute Weed
  • World Class Weed
  • Weed has what it takes
  • Weed the choice cut
  • Fill It To The Rim With Weed
  • Makes You Feel Weed Again
  • Get Weed today

How to Write Your Own Clever Dispensary Names and Slogans?

Person writing the words Be Creative

When you're coming up with your own witty dispensary names it's best to allow yourself to let go completely. You could be running a pre roll company or another type of marijuana-related business and you’ll need to follow the same advice. 

The reason it's so hard for people to come up with a witty name is that they are often judging themselves before they even come up with anything. They are worried about what others will think and it restricts them from coming up with anything creative. 

To counteract this, try an exercise where you set a timer for five minutes and you come up with the craziest and funniest names you can for a business. 

Try not to censor yourself at all or think that you are coming up with bad dispensary names. The point of the exercise is to open up your mind to thinking differently than you normally do. 

After the five minutes is up, set the timer again for another five minutes but this time try to come up with witty names you think will work for your dispensary. 

You should be able to gather a list of good options during the exercise. After you're finished you can narrow them down to the top three. 

Take your witty dispensary names and show them to friends or people in the industry. Get their feedback on what they feel would be best. 

From this feedback, you should be able to pick out a top pick from the list of your dispensary names as well as the perfect slogan to pair with it. 

Using a Dispensary Name and Slogan Generator

If you're still having trouble coming up with a clever dispensary name and cannabis or CBD slogan then it's time to turn to the robots.

Name and slogan generators are all over the internet and you could try several to get the most variety you can. 

Simply plug in some basic info into the websites about what type of name you are looking for or what type of industry. It will automatically come up with a list of dispensary names and slogans for you to try. 

Different websites will come up with options in different ways. Some websites will try to write the entire name and slogan for you while others will combine different common words or trends to aggregate your name and slogan. 

Most generators are completely free to use and it's a quick way to come up with a list of witty dispensary names and slogans that you can choose from for your dispensary. 

Use the same method as outlined above to validate if your choices represent your brand well. Ask friends and family to see what they think. Send it to other people in your industry and see how they feel. 

The best part about a generator is that it will never stop coming up with ideas. Before you pick out your favorite dispensary names, make sure it isn't already filed as a business name.

What to Do After You’ve Chosen the Right Name and Slogan

Coming up with the right name and slogan for your dispensary is an essential step in the branding process, but once you have it, it’s important for you to take action and begin getting word of your new brand and business out there. Here are some helpful tips that will make getting your dispensary noticed a piece of cake, once you have the right name and slogan.

Design a positive customer experience.

Clever dispensary names and slogans are only as good as the dispensary behind them. If you have a name and a slogan that your customers love but your products don’t align with their expectations, it can end up driving customers away. The solution? Now’s the time to begin focusing on crafting a positive customer experience that backs witty dispensary names and slogans. As an example, you can get started with products that customers love, like pre rolls. 

Not only are pre rolls great as rewards for shopping with your dispensary or as standalone products, but they can also help you advertise your new dispensary name right on the pre roll or packaging. Here at The Cones Factory, we offer a wide range of pre roll cones, pre roll tubes, and even dispensary pre roll packaging to get you started.

We can even help you get your dispensary names on these pre roll products. Just fill out the information on our custom cones order request form!

Get your name and slogan out there.

Marketing is a must if you want to stand out from other dispensaries in your area. Once you have your new dispensary name and slogan ready, look for ways to integrate it into physical marketing materials as well as your digital marketing strategy. Meanwhile, branding your product and product packaging (like pre rolls) will help your brand spread via word of mouth as your customers share their love for your products with their friends. After dispensary names are chosen, marketing should be your next major focus!

Consider the future of your dispensary. 

Witty dispensary names will stick with your dispensary for as long as you do business. Now’s the time to think about what the future will look like. How can you make products that match that brand name and appeal to your consumer base? What type of products might you wish to expand with, and how are you going to brand those? Even though you should focus on your business as it stands now, planning for the future is going to make your journey as this new brand that much easier.

Creating a Name and Slogan for Your Dispensary: Start Here With The Cones Factory

If you’re worried about what people think or whether or not your dispensary names are good enough, it might take you a while to come up with anything. Instead, take the names on this list as motivation to get started or use the tips on how to come up with your own name and slogan. You can even use a name generator to speed up the whole process. Once you have the right name and you’re ready to begin branding your products, we’re here to help!

We have extensive experience working with dispensaries just like yours and helping them source the high-quality pre rolls, pre roll packaging, and private labeling services that they need. More importantly, we offer factory direct pricing, excellent customer service, and fast lead times. Get started now by shopping for your pre roll cones and tubes or contact us if you have any questions!