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  • Slim reefer style
  • 0.5 gram
  • Premium French White Paper
  • Food Safety Certified (FSC)
  • 1000 cones in each box
  • 98mm total length
  • 26mm filter (crutch) length

Reefer-style cones are just the thing for making long, elegant pre rolls that look at home in the finest settings. The result of a special refinement process that eliminates compounds that affect scent, French White paper is used on the best smoking products. These pre rolled joint cones look clean, burn clean, and never interfere with the taste of good flower.

Reefer Style For Top Flower

Smoking with a longer, slimmer joint offers a more subtle cannabis experience, and it’s a good size for showing off your most flavorful bud. 98mm pre rolls can give you a leisurely break and half a gram is a convenient amount for many patients.

You can get a more intense experience with the same quality French White paper in other products, like our 1-gram and 1.5-gram cones or our 2-gram blunt wraps

Many Products, Custom Solutions

The Cones Factory can provide you with quality rolling cones and tubes with filters at a competitive price. These products are manufactured in custom and industry-standard sizes that fit knockboxes and other filling systems. We also provide custom joint packaging services that can help your business get noticed. Contact a representative now to arrange a custom order, or to see how your logo might look on our pre rolled cones and blunt tubes.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a reefer cone smoke?

The time it takes to smoke a reefer cone or joint depends on the humidity, the flower moisture content, the packing density, and how many people are smoking it. And if you’re outside, the breeze may smoke as much as you. The average time to smoke a filled rolling cone like this is around 5 minutes, but it could be less, or longer if you let it go out between hits.

Do your 98mm reefer cones have filters?

Yes. These French White papers include a filter tip to prevent bits of flower from escaping. Custom orders may include a variety of different filter types depending on your preference. Filter types include paper, glass, and wood. 

Are pre rolled cones difficult to use without a filling machine?

No. Pre rolled cones can be filled by hand. They make it easy for almost anyone to enjoy a cone, and making your cones can save you money since the price of pre rolled cones and joints is usually higher than an equal amount of loose flower to account for labor costs.

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