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  • Himalayan Tan 
  • FSC certified food grade safe
  • Cut exactly to 70mm in size
  • 20mm filter length
  • Contains hemp and wood pulp
  • 1000 count
  • 1/2g

Our Himalayan Tan hemp papers can give your next run of pre rolled joint packs a special look that could help your brand stand out. Reminiscent of traditional styles, these rolling cones are made of paper using 100% organic hemp pulp. Their small size makes them attractive for people who want a light or quick personal smoking experience.

Littles Are Fast And Efficient

This box of Littles is the perfect size for filling with powerful weed, and they smoke in about 10-15 minutes. That’s long enough for most people to walk a dog or get some nature time, hence the nickname dogwalker. Pre rolled mini joints can pack a punch when loaded with high-grade flower, and users appreciate the abbreviated experience when they are pressed for time. 

Get Factory Direct

The Cones Factory is your factory-direct source of premium cones in bulk and joint tubes. Our products are tested for purity and are approved for sale by Health Canada and the State of California. We work hard to keep our prices competitive and our quality high. Order Himalayan Tan pre rolls today, and try them with your flower. Then contact us for affordable private labeling and custom packaging for your next batch of branded pre rolled joint packs!


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t smoke the whole cone?

Dispose of the unused portion responsibly or save it for later. Quality will degrade almost immediately, however, and the flavor will not be the same. Use a doob tube to store your partially smoked product to protect it from falling apart, and to protect your clothes from unwanted stains and odors. 

Will Littles fit my filling machine?

Yes, if your machine can handle industry-standard 70mm cones. Many filling machines can fill this size out of the box, while others may require an adapter for filling or packing mini pre rolled joints, dogwalkers, and cones of this type.

How much flower should go in a cone?

There is no standard content. Depending on their size, cones can hold .3g to more than 1.5g. While many dogwalkers use a 26mm filter, we use a 21mm filter. This gives Littles more room on the inside, so they can hold 0.5g of flower. Not only does this give our Littles a richer smoking experience, it makes math easier when figuring out how much flower you’ll need in each pre rolled joint or cone pack you offer. 

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