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84mm Pre Rolled Cones

  • Cone Length: 84mm
  • Filter Length: 26mm
  • Paper Type: Light Pink
  • Box Size: 900 Cones
  • Fill Capacity: 0.50 gm (approx.)
  • Certifications: FSC-certified food-grade paper

Our beautifully crafted pre rolled pink cones give your customers the chance to smoke something unique. Perfect for special occasions or standing out in a crowd, your customers will treasure their unique pink joint as a one-of-a-kind experience.

Expand your brand by diversifying your products and give each of your customers what they want. These eye-catching cones allow you to mix up the same old product and colors with something that stands out. When your product selection is getting stale, mix things up with these classy pink joint papers.

Brighten Things Up with Our Pink Cones

This refined version of our signature rolling cone gives your business and your customers something to talk about. Instead of offering the same cones as every other business, make your store stand out by offering a product that separates you from the competition. Our pink cones are made with 100% wood pulp, providing a more traditional experience.

Stand Out from the Crowd with The Cones Factory

Since 2016, we’ve dedicated ourselves to producing the most reliable and consistent pre rolled cone experience for businesses in Canada and the US. We control our entire manufacturing process, allowing for speedy turnaround times, the lowest industry prices, and comparatively low minimum orders. At The Cones Factory, we understand what you and your customers want. Our team of professionals can help you find the right product for your business. Shop all our pre rolled papers and cones today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many grams can fit in the 109mm pre rolled pink cones?

Each 109mm cone can hold approximately one gram of cannabis. This makes 109mm size cones incredibly versatile for use in single pre rolls or variety packs. 

What makes The Cone Factory pre rolls different from other suppliers?

We offer both 100% wood pulp and 100% hemp pre rolls, each of which has its own benefits. Regardless of the material used, each box of pink joint papers is sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly, and quality tested per the latest California Law and Health Canada regulations. Plus, they’re food-grade certified!

Do you offer prints and colors besides the pink cones?

Yes! We offer a variety of patterns and colors of designer pre rolled cones. We have 98mm, 84mm, and 70mm, as well as options like Rose Petal and Ultra. Check out our full list here to find the best fit for your business.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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