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Due to high popularity of our Hemp Wraps, our delivery times are longer than usual. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Filter Diameter: 9mm
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Hand Rolled White Ceramic Tips Tubes

  • Cone Length: 109mm
  • Filter Length: 30mm
  • Paper Type: Brown Hemp Wrap
  • Box Size: 150 Cones
  • Fill Capacity: 1 gm (approx.)
  • Certifications: FSC-certified food-grade paper

Introduce your clientele to the Apex of smoking refinement -- our Ceramic Filter Tips.

Far beyond mere accessories, these are the unsung heroes elevating every draw to an art form. In a market flooded with paper and glass, ceramic stands as the connoisseur's choice.
Engineered with the same care given to fine porcelain, each tip is a masterpiece of material science. The ceramic's unique molecular structure creates a labyrinth of microscopic chambers, orchestrating a filtration symphony that paper can only dream of. The result? Impurities are ensnared, while your flower's cherished terpenes and cannabinoids flow through unimpeded.
But purity is just the prelude. Where paper wilts and glass scorches, ceramic remains an oasis of cool. Its superior heat dispersion turns harsh hits into velvety streams, allowing enthusiasts to savor their strain's nuances from first light to final ember.
Aesthetically, these tips are a brand's best ambassador. Their sleek, alabaster sheen exudes a minimalist luxury, as suited to a gallery opening as a woodland retreat. 

Beyond beauty, there's brilliance. Our ceramic tips are paragons of reusability in a disposable age. A quick isopropyl bath, and they're reborn—saving trees and dollars. This sustainability doesn't just appeal to your customer's conscience; it forges lasting brand loyalty.
In a fast-paced world, our Ceramic Filter Tips invite pause—a moment to appreciate craft, savor purity, and connect with nature's bounty. They don't just accessorize your pre-rolls; they philosophize them. Offer your patrons more than a smoke; offer an elevated ritual.

Why Choose the Cones Factory?

At the Cones Factory, we are proud to own the facility that manufactures our product, which means we have complete control over production. For our partners, that means fast turnaround times and the lowest prices around, whether you’re getting our pre rolled tubes with glass blunt tips or pre rolled cones. Customize your pre rolls or packaging with your branding and give customers something special and unique. Custom orders only take three weeks to deliver, which is much faster than the industry standard.

Give Your Customers Variety

We offer a large selection of different rolling cones for you to entice your customers with. From glass joint tips to high-quality ultra-thin French papers, our pre rolls are designed to provide the ultimate smoking experience. Set your business apart by offering unique pre rolls in various shapes and sizes. All of our products are food grade certified and made sustainably in our very own ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Every single pre rolled cone, tube, and blunt that we manufacture is third-party lab tested for purity and quality. 

Get in touch today with any questions or help with product selection.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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