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  • Cone Length: 109mm length
  • Filter Bottom Diameter: 5.7mm (approx.)
  • Filter Top Diameter: 6.5mm (approx.)
  • Filter Length: 26mm
  • Pleasantly aromatic
  • No artificial colors, or flavors
  • Certified food grade safe (FSC)
  • Sustainably produced
  • Quality packaging

The Cones Factory is pleased to provide a delicious product that was once reserved for an exclusive clientele at a price that is affordable to the rest of us. These quality rolling cones give everyone a chance to enjoy the classic experience of smoking a rose petal blunt. As a pure, all-natural product of Mother Nature, rose petal joint cones are safer than tobacco papers. This package contains enough cones to keep the average smoker smiling for weeks! 

Better Quality & Pricing

The Cones Factory specializes in producing top-quality brandable smoking products like pre rolled joint tubes and cones for dispensaries and anyone who enjoys a good smoke. These 70mm flower petal cones provide a delicious break from regular papers, and when you buy from us you avoid the middleman markup. Our products pass multiple quality checks and they are made with food-grade materials, like all-natural rose petals. The 70mm size is just right for one person. 

Private Labeling Solutions for Dispensaries

The Cones Factory has been delivering premium products and private labeling services since 2016. Let us make your dispensary as memorable as smoking a tasty rose petal blunt! Order a sample pack today and see how your weed works in our products. Then contact us for pre rolled cones you can stuff with your brand of flower, empty blunt cones of all different sizes, pre roll joint tubes, and more. We can help you create an unforgettable private label for your brand. Contact our professional staff today to learn how easy it is to increase the reach of your dispensary marketing efforts with private labeling.


100% Hemp pulp & Woodpulp

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use pre rolled rose petal blunt cones?

Pre rolled cones make it easy for anyone to smoke a joint. They require no skill or special dexterity, making them attractive to individuals with limited mobility. The rose petals contain beneficial terpenes that may provide a special smoking experience. 

Does smoking rose petals make you high?

No, you won’t get high from smoking rose petals. The rose petals are there to replace standard paper and enhance your experience by mellowing the flavor of the smoke. There are no psychoactive compounds in rose petal blunt wraps, and nothing artificial.

Will these organic rolling cones fall apart?

Our products are designed to be strong enough to hold typical cannabis flower and similar smoking blends. They pass numerous inspections and rigorous quality checks to make sure each cone or empty joint tube we sell is free of defects. We use quality filters that are effective and biodegradable. You can always count on our lotus and rose petal blunt cones, branded joint tubes, and hemp cones being the finest quality pre rolled cones you can find.

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