100% Hemp Cones

Satisfy demanding customers with our hemp-wrapped cones and pre roll joint tubes today, and take advantage of wholesale prices on hemp rolling paper products. 

Hemp products appeal to cannabis-conscious consumers and anyone interested in sustainability. Our hemp cone wraps are manufactured using environmentally sensitive techniques and tested to be free of heavy metals and pesticides. We use a three-tier quality control process that includes Good Manufacturing Practice certification (GMP) and ISO 9001 2015 compliance. You can always count on consistent compatibility and fast loading when used with industry-standard cone-filling systems.

Enhance Your Flower

Buying 100% hemp rolling cones at wholesale prices is the best way to supply your dispensary. They satisfy consumers looking for hemp products and offer the following: 

  • Simple manual or machine filling
  • Compatible with standard filling systems
  • Clean taste and mild scent
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Consistent size and shape
  • Strong enough for infused products fortified with concentrates.
  • Available in cone, joint tube, and blunt wrap styles. 

Quality Assured

Customers return to The Cones Factory for more than wholesale prices on hemp paper rolling cones, blunt wraps, and joint tubes. We are pioneers in cone manufacturing technology and more. Reasons to buy from us include: 

  • Low minimum order
  • Competitive pricing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Big inventory/dependable supply
  • Private labeling/branding services
  • Custom joint packaging 
  • Custom order fulfillment with your choice of paper and filters in standard or custom sizes. 

Order Today

The Cones Factory is a North American company that specializes in cone manufacturing and premium packaging services. Once you try our hemp cones, you’ll understand why they are so popular. We can help you get started with wholesale pricing on hemp rolling paper products today! Order a sample pack of cones to see what is possible, or contact us now to discuss our custom pre roll packaging services!


Are hemp papers healthier to smoke?

Your lungs are not designed to inhale smoke, so smoking anything is not healthy, no matter what kind of paper you use. However, your choice of paper can make a difference and some papers may be less harmful than others. Our hemp rolling paper products contain no artificial ingredients or chemical preservatives, so when they burn they contain fewer byproducts that may affect health or flavor. Our hemp papers may reduce the hazards of smoking while providing full access to the benefits of cannabis. 

What’s the difference between regular rolling paper and hemp-wrapped cones?

Regular rolling paper that has a high wood content may contain high levels of impurities and chemical compounds like lignin that make it taste harsh. Hemp paper is thinner, stronger, and tastes cleaner than wood-based papers, which are qualities you want for pre rolls that contain your top-dollar flower. These qualities can make hemp paper expensive. So save money by purchasing hemp rolling paper products at wholesale prices from The Cones Factory today! 

What’s the difference between your joint tubes and blunt tubes?

Both products have merits, and the biggest difference may be size. Joints are similar to cones, but blunts may hold up to two grams of flower, so they can provide a much more intense smoking experience that may be more appreciated by experienced cannabis smokers. 

Does the cone paper make any difference when using a filling machine?

Filling systems have different requirements, depending on the manufacturer. In general, filling systems depend on a consistent shape to reduce time during loading, a specific size that fits the inserts or trays used by the machine, and a material that is strong enough to stand up to the stress of filling. Our wholesale hemp rolling paper cone wraps, pre roll joint papers, and blunt tubes meet or exceed all standard requirements.