Pre Roll Filling Machines

Automatic joint rolling and cone-packing machines save time and money and can help your business out in numerous ways. Our fillers give you multiple ways to produce pre rolls in different sizes, with or without filters, with pre roll cones and tubes. If you offer pre rolls for sale, a machine is a must-have item, and these filling systems are easy to use and dependable. Items like the King Cone pre roll machine, the Doob Cube pre roll machine, and our other cone filling machines can help supercharge your profits!

More Than Efficient Production

When you use an automatic joint rolling or cone-packing machine you get more than optimized production. You get:

  • Healthier products. Cone-filling systems minimize the need for physical contact, making them more sanitary.
  • Reduced waste. Filling systems let you collect overfill and spillage, so you never have to worry about lost grams.
  • Consistent quality. Filling machines help make every pre roll consistent, ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

Better Cones For Bigger Sales

The Cones Factory specializes in premium smoking cones, blunt wraps, and joint tubes. We offer:

  • Customizable products
  • Food grade materials
  • Custom labeling 
  • Factory direct pricing – we can match or beat any competitor's price!

Optimize your sales with our pre roll filling machines, and for consistent quality, make sure to use our skins. Fill your automatic cone-packing or joint-rolling machine with our pre roll cones and your customers will come back for more!

Order Today

The pre roll machines we have for sale are premium products. To take full advantage of your purchase, make sure to use premium pre roll cones and pre roll joint tubes from The Cones Factory. Complete the experience with private labeling to promote your business, and your customers will never forget where those pre rolls came from. Your customers will enjoy the finest smoking experience available with your excellent weed in our premium smoking cones, joint tubes, and blunt wraps. Contact us today to learn more about our products or our affordable custom pre roll packaging service! 


Do automatic joint rolling machines take any special training or skills?

While all automated equipment requires some training, joint tube and cone-packing machines are simple to operate. After loading the tray with empty rolling cones or tubes and a measured amount of prepared flower, you start the machine. Some systems include a cover, density controls that can help with different blends, attachments, and inserts that can be used for different products. 

Are cone-filling systems difficult to maintain or clean?

No. Like all industrial equipment, the pre roll filling machines for sale at The Cones Factory need regular cleaning and maintenance that varies depending on the model. These tasks are generally easy to perform and require no special skills. 

Do your cones fit these cone-packing machines?

Our industry-standard cones fit all automatic joint rolling and filling machines that can handle standard-size pre rolls. You may use our cones in confidence, knowing you are giving your customers the best possible smoking experience with your flower. Broaden your market and promote your dispensary brand by using our custom packaging and private labeling service.